Name: David Whetstone
E-Mail: davidwhetstone@mac.com
Field: Sitar
Address: Minneapolis, Minnesota. 55405
Misc. Info: A shagird of Ustad Vilayat Khan. A student of sitar for forty years, David's first studies were with Dr. Brian Silver, and he has also studied with Ustads Hafeez Ahmed Khan, Shujaat Khan, Shahid Parvez, and Ghulam Hussain Khan. He has collaborated and toured extensively with poets Robert Bly and Coleman Barks since 1974, appearing with them in numerous recordings and films. In 1992 David co-founded Minneapolis' Ragamala Music and Dance Theater and created the repertoire for this group until 1997, with original text, stories and music. The music utilized both Indian instrumentation, as well as Western orchestration with soloists and chorus, for critically acclaimed full evening programs such as Ragamala, The Puppet Master, Canticle of Mary, and Ashoka, Beloved of the Gods. An American Institute of Indian Studies Senior Research Fellow in 1988, David also has had training in Western classical music, having studied privately with Philip Meyers, solo horn of the New York Philharmonic, for five years. David lives in Minneapolis, and teaches sitar for Carleton and Macalester Colleges.



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