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If you are a sitar teacher, a tabla teacher, or an instructor in any form of Indian dance or music, you can add your name to database.  You can make modifications to existing listings by contacting the adminstrator.

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Name: Johar Ali
Email: joharviolin@gmail.com
Field: Indian Violin, Tabla, Harmonium, Dholak, Vocal, Classical Singing, Light Singing, Geet, Sufi, Bhajan & Poular Bollywood Songs.
Address: Jakarta, Indonesia
Telephone: 0062-89625523968
Misc. Info: Website: www.joharviolin.com

Name: Pooja Bhatnagar
Email: kathakpooja@gmail.com
Field: Kathak Dance
Address: Taman Kemayoran Condominium Wisma Akasia lt5, unit no 5. Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Telephone: 62 8159330113
Misc. Info:

Name: Kousik Dutta
Email: kousikdutta@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Taman Rasuna Apt; Tower-08;Flat-O8e; J L. Rasuna Said; Kuningan; Jakarta Selatan-12960; Indonesia.
Telephone: 0062-21-9390784
Misc. Info: i'm teaching Tabla at J.N.I.C.C.. address--JL.32 Imam Bonjol; Menteng; Jakarta Pusat-10310. Indonesia.

Name: Aila El-Edroos
Email: huggletov@gmail.com
Field: kathak dance
Address: Jakarta, Indonesia
Misc. Info:

Name: Mahapunya Das Farner
Email: maha108@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla & Khol (bengali mrdanga)
Address: Cebu City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 (0) 922 364 5739
Misc. Info: MMahapunya Das is a performing artist and experienced teacher. He studied in Benares and then learned in Mumbai from world renowned master Pt. Nayan Ghosh. Available for group and private lessons.

Name: Arati Juthani
Email: abbalives@gmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam
Address: Taman Rasuna, Tower 7. UGD, Jalan Rasuna Said, Kunningan
Telephone: +628 174956151
Misc. Info: Teaching Bharatnatyam for children and adults. Minimum age 4 yrs

Name: Barbara Mintz
Email: bhava_dance@hotmail.com
Field: Dance
Telephone: 081237883163
Misc. Info: www.rightangle.com/bhava, www.bhavadance.wordpress.com WISDOM, World Institute of Sacred Dance OM, Classes and workshops in Indian dance (Odissi), Balinese Dance, Argentine Tango, Shakti Dance, Dance Healing and other World Dance and music forms. Classes taught in Bali, Buenos Aires, California and other locations

Name: Vidhya Sharma
Email: vidhya.sharma85@yahoo.com
Field: kathak dance
Address: Jakarta, Indonesia
Telephone: +628999193748
Misc Info: Kathak Dance in Jakarta by Vidhya Sharma aims to promote the beauty of Kathak Dance to the masses in Jakarta & around through performances, worshops and teaching with an open heart to all those who share an interest. Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/groups/249560485146357/ or http://www.facebook.com/vidhya.sharma




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