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If you are a sitar teacher, a tabla teacher, or an instructor in any form of Indian dance or music, you can add your name to database.  You can make modifications to existing listings by contacting the adminstrator.

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Name: Amrita Choudhury
Email: a_choud@hotmail.com
Field: Odissi Classical Dance (Mahari Style), Indian Folklorique Dance, Rajasthani Gypsy dance, Yoga of Dance, Dance Therapy
Address: Ananda-Amrita Dance Creations: 6651 Sherbrooke West.: #502, Montreal, PQ : H4B 1N9: Canada
Telephone: (514)-483-0776
Misc. Info: Explore the beauty and grace of Indian Classical and Folklorique dance traditions. The Mahari style of Odissi (original temple dancer style), along with various forms of Indian Folklorique and Gypsy dance traditions. Along with 25 years of teaching experience, Amrita also performs research on the Anthropological aspects of movement and dance. She also practices Dance Therapy and the Yoga of Dance. Workshops and courses offered in the following fields: - Classical Indian Dance (Odissi, Mahari style) - Folklorique Dance Traditions (Bengal, Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan.) - Rajasthani Gypsy Dance traditions. - Yoga of Dance - Dance Therapy - Tagore Dance Dramas - Meditation in Motion - Movement workshops for corporate clientele. For more information, Please see www.ananda-amrita.com

Name: Shawn Mativetsky
Email: shawn@percussionist.net
Field: Tabla
Address: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Misc. Info: Disciple of Pandit Sharda Sahai of the Benares (Varanasi) gharana. Please visit my website at www.shawnmativetsky.com

Name: Olivier St-Pierre
Email: olistp70@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Montreal, Québec. Canada
Telephone: 514-fivesixfour-treeseven8six
Misc. Info: I am a disciple of Pandit Ishwar lal Mishra of Benares gharana,i teach in French English and Hindi

Name: Sakthidasan & Kumari Soundari Sakthidasan
Email: parampara.inc@gmail.com
Field: classical carnatic vocal music and keyboard 
Address: 9800, crois, rochelle, brossard. quebec. Canada.
Telephone: 514 299 9192
Misc. Info: parampara  temple of arts and traditions inc. we are teaching vocal music key board and tamil language yoga and meditation.   kumari soundari sakthidasan is a excellent carnatic singer a master's degree holder in carnatic music a gifted singer with a divine voice. she has more than 100 students and she is giving vocal concerts and performances all over the u.s. and canada.   sakthidasan is well known tamil scolar, and music director , singer , and writer. he has provided the music score for more than 500 audio albums and has sung more than 50 albums. released many religious and music books.  




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