Name: Thingom Brojen Kumar Singha
E-Mail: broz_th@yahoo.com
Field: Pung Player (Drumer and dancer)
Address: Vill - Thingom Khul, P.O- Sudarshonpur, Dist- Hailakandi. pin 788160 (Assam). India
Telephone: +919706434864.Cell no+919957060458
Misc. Info: YOKHATPA (academy of fine arts) Help to bloom the tradition,share the life with happiness and enjoying with artistic mind culture an tradition. Now a day in the world mostly every society is losing its own tradition and lifestyle may be becouse of the busy lifestyle, people earn lots of money but yet they don't get a peaceful life for themselves or their kids. the institute tries to develop the integrity of human being by fine art, like fine art therapy (Learning music, taxtile and other arts) we invite all and world people to come to YOKHATPA institute and rediscover their own rhythm of life. we don't adobe any religion our institute door is open to every one, we just shear knowledge about related to fine arts. at present in our institute we have 10 students they learning manipuri tradition style of singing and 3 studnt they learn playing manipuri trditional percussion (Pung), now learner are younger becouse young energy keep alive our ancient tradition. here everything is self service like gurukul and guru shishya parampara.this is a place for artistic minded people.


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