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If you would like your particulars to be placed in the page, kindly e-mail the details to david@chandrakantha.com.

Make sure and include:

Name: (Required)
Email: (This is not required but if no email is given, your listing will be deleted the next time that the page is updated)
Field: (e.g., tabla, kathak, sarod) - - - (Required)
Address: (City, State and Country is required. Further information is optional)
Telephone: (optional, but helpful to you)
Misc. Info: (e.g., website, major honours, cost of lessons) - - -(optional, but helpful to you)NOTE - Limit this to one paragraph or your listing will not be added!

I will generally get the entry added within a day or so.

I have one recommendation concerning the email.  I suggest that you have one email account for professional purposes and another for personal purposes use.  Use your professional account here.  Whenever you put your email address out in the public, you will get every spam, or scam out there.  It is very regrettable, but we are powerless to stop this.  At least by segregating your professional from your personal mail, it will make the job of managing your email easier.

Yours truly

David Courtney




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