TANPURA CASSETTE - special clearence!

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Tanpura Cassette

These tanpura tapes are a good source for the drone ("sur" or "shruti"). This tape is an economical alternative to the shruti box. Tapes are available in all keys, so it is important to SPECIFY THE PITCH when ordering. They are 30 minutes per side. Each side is identical. The cost is $1.00. This is a special clearence price

The tuning for these tapes is Sa, Pa, Sa. If one wishes to have Sa, Ma, Sa then simply invert the tuning. For example Sa, Ma, Sa at "C" is the same as Sa, Pa, Sa at "F". A table of inversions is shown below:


Sa Ma Sa at: C is equivalent to Sa Pa Sa at: F
C# F#
D# G#
F A#
F# B
G# C#
A# D#

(limited quantities - please e-mail before ordering) Please note that every cassette recorder runs at a slightly different speed. Therefore these cassettes cannot be used in situations requiring precise pitch unless the player is equiped with a pitch control. Never-the-less, most tape recorders will reproduce the pitch to within 25 cents accuracy. This is acceptable to most musicians. If you have any questions drop me some e-mail.



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