Most of this site is an aid to students of Indian music and dance.  However we have a few sections which should be of particular interest to students:

Pages for "Learning Indian Music & Dance"
  • Our Classes - This is a link to information about our classes.  We teach North Indian classical vocal, tabla, dilruba and esraj in the Houston TX area.
  • F.A.Q.s - These are "Frequently Asked Questions" about Indian classical music, and about the learning of this music.
  • Teachers and Performers - If you do not live in the Houston area, or if you are interested in some subject other than what we teach, this is a world-wide list of performers and teachers of various aspects of Indian music and dance.
  • Electronic Aids In Indian Music Education - This is a paper that I delivered a long time ago
  • New Approaches To Tabla Instruction - This is another paper that I delivered a long time ago.


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