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The dhun is a common instrumental form.  It is basically nothing more than an instrumental version of a song.  Quite often it is a folk song, but on occasion it may be film song.

One tends to find only the lighter tals used to accompany the dhun.  This is most commonly kaherava of 8 beats or dadra of 6 beats.  However, on occasion one may find dipchandi, or similar semiclassical rhythms.

The dhun tends to be played in the lighter rags; Mand, Khammaj, and Pahadi are extremely common.  Heavy rags such as Darbari Kanda are almost never heard.  Furthermore the treatment of the rags is given extreme latitude.  It is very common to play everything misra, or mixed.

The term dhun must not be confused with the devotional chant, which is also called dhun.


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