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Srinivas Koumounduri is a sitarist and music teacher based in Houston, TX USA.

He was born in Hyderabad, India on December 1, 1955.  He was born into a Telugu Brahmin family that has a long history of interest in the arts and music.  His mother's name was K. Chudamani and his father's name was Koumounduri Venkata Charyi and was an amateur sitarist of some note.  Srinivas was one of seven children.

Srinivas' musical training was extensive.  He started learning music from the age of 5 from his father.  Later he started learning sitar from his older brother K. Narsim Acharyi.  From the age of 16, Srinivas has been learning from Atma Ram Sharma of Hyderabad, under whom he continues to study today.

Srinivas has made numerous musical tours of Europe.  His first musical tour was in 1986, when he visited Switzerland and Germany.  Subsequently he has also toured Great Britain, France, and US.

In 1988 he moved to the United States.  Since that time he has been living and teaching in Houston TX.

Eastern Fantasia, CD of traditional Indian sitar music

2009 was a very busy year for Srinivas.  He released his first CD; this is entitled "Eastern Fantasia".  In the same year, he along with David Courtney, released an instruction book / CD set entitled "Learning the Sitar".  This was also this year that he established Houston's premier sitar school "Saraswati School of Music".

Learning the Sitar

He is presently living with his wife Ann Delay.


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