Learning the Tabla

This was the first audio CD / book instruction set for the tabla in the US.  It is the first of a two volume set, which may be used by schools and private teachers as course materials to aid in their instruction.  It may also be used as a self instruction set.

Here are the contents of the book.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 History
Chapter 3 Parts of Tabla
Chapter 4 Tuning Care and Maintenence
Chapter 5 Sitting and Positioning of the Tabla
Chapter 6 Basic Exercises
Chapter 7 Tal and Theka
Chapter 8 Modulation
Chapter 9 More Bols
Chapter 10 Kaida
Chapter 11 More Tals, Thekas, and Prakar
Chapter 12 Purbi Baj
Chapter 13 Still More Bols
Chapter 14 Simple Mukhadas
Chapter 15 Conclusion
Appendix 1 Other Sources of Information
Appendix 2 Glossary
Appendix 3 Quick Reference Page for Bols
Appendix 3 About the Author

Here are the contents of the audio CD. There are 95 tracks of examples, patterns, etc.

Track   Title
1   Untuned Tabla
2-27   Exercises
28   Tintal
29   Jhaptal
30   Dadra Tal
31   Dipchandi Tal
32   Rupak Tal
33-52   Exercises
53-56   Kaidas
57   Punjabi Theka (Sitarkhani)
58   Punjabi Theka Prakar
59   Ektal
60   Slow Ektal
61   Fast Ektal
62   Kaherava Tal
63-64   Kaherava Prakars
65   Tintal Prakar
66   Slow Tintal
67-70   Dadra Prakars
71-73   Jhaptal Prakars
74-75   Rupak Tal Prakars
76-88   Exercises
89-95   Mukhadas



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