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Sangeet is a word which doesn't really translate into English.  In its most general sense it is considered synonymous with the term "music"; however it is actually a threefold artform of vocal music, instrumental music, and dance.  Since classical dance is also a component, it is not strictly synonymous to the Western term "music".

There is a historical reason why sangeet is composed of these three artforms.  In the Vedic and post Vedic period it was customary to perform mythological dramas.  These dramas used dancers to mime the story, instrumentalists to play the musical accompaniment, and vocalists to tell and sing the story.

There is a standard terminology whenever one wishes to be specific.  Dance is refered to as "nritya", vocal is refered to as "gayaki", and instrumental is known as "vadhya sangeet".


Selected Video

Uday Bhawalkar Afternoon Rag




Indrajit Banerjee: Sitar - Bhairavi Dhun


Devadhi Deva- M S Subbulakshmi


Sarangi Samrat Ustad Sabri Khan Saheb


Notable Vainika Series: Jayanthi Kumaresh


Mitali Bhawmik Performing Indian Classical Vocal Music


Raga Shivranjani on Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Flute)


Carnatic - Chitra Veena Ravikiran - Cleveland ( V - 02 )




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