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mayuri vina

The mayuri vina and Taus are defined by their peacock shaped body.  Even the words mayur and taus mean "peacock".  These instruments are of the same class as the dilruba and the esraj.  Like the other members of this family the differences are so slight that one may move from one instrument to another with ease.  They were nearly extinct, but have made a resurgence in the last few years.

The difference between mayuri vina and taus is not clear.  According to some, any bowed instrument whose form resembles a peacock may be called a "mayuri vina".  However according to others, the term mayuri vina refers to a diminutive version that is similar to the esraj, while the term taus refers to a larger version.

mayuri vina
L. to R. - Taus, Esraj, Dilruba

Esraj, dilruba, taus, and mayuri vina all represent insignificant variations of the same instrument.  See any of the other instruments for information concerning stringing, tuning, and playing.


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