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Indian Film Songs & Events of the Year

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These pages are but a small sampling of film songs for the indicated years.  We are also giving some information to place them within some type of historical and social context.  The purpose of these pages is purely to put you in a nostalgic mood.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive social or political treatment of all of the film songs, but are instead intended to be small vignettes of a year in South Asia.

Therefore I strongly advise you to bookmark these pages and come back later when you can spend some time on them.  So when you are ready, just sit back, pour yourself a nice drink (or whatever places you in the proper "frame of mind"), and enjoy.

Do note that there is an unresolved issue as to how to date Indian films.  Some people date the films as per the release date, while others date films as per the censor certificate, this is also known as the "production year".  Although in many cases the two years are the same, in a very large number of cases these dates are a year apart.  I have neither the where-with-all nor the inclination to get involved with this, so if you find a "discrepancy" in the year of a film, this is almost certainly the case.


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