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shipping crate wax Feb 24, 2004 03:32 p.m.

Hi All:
Does anyone know where to find the "shipping crate wax" (or even what its proper technical name is) that is used for the color fill in the engraving on our sitars? I want to do some touch up and I've searched the Net and can't find a thing.
Thanks - K.K.
Re:shipping crate wax Feb 24, 2004 05:47 p.m.

Hey there K.K.

I asked for the sam thing way back, its in the forum if you do a search. But i ended up using the stuff candles are made of.
I got some black candlemass at a local hobby shop and that worked just fine, perfect color match. It might be possible for Lars get you some since he got a sitar factory going over there ; ) they must have loads of the stuff?
I guess you can use any blackstuff that is easy to work with.


Re:shipping crate wax Feb 24, 2004 06:15 p.m.

Hi Jan:
Yes, this question was asked way back, but the answer was just "shipping crate wax."
My question is, (since searching the Net for "shipping crate wax" comes up empty) what is the proper technical term for this stuff and/or where can you get it?
Thanks - K.K.
Re:shipping crate wax Feb 24, 2004 07:00 p.m.

KK, all,
Here is the link to what you want..... when you get to the site clik on "Touchup/woodfillers" then clik on "fil-stik Putty Sticks, Standard Colors" then find the black. The only problem with these folks is they have a minimum order of $80. So, KK email me and I'll send you a bit to try....Uncle Ken
PS the next time I place an order with them I'll get a few sticks.....
They do look just like crayons, but they are not. They become malleable only after being held at body temperature for about 30 minutes then they're soft enough to rub into place and once they go in they are fairly stable. If you want a bit more stability the "Eding/Low Heat Sticks" are superior but require more finesse.....
Re:shipping crate wax Feb 25, 2004 08:25 p.m.

Thanks Uncle Ken:
I don't see the colors that I need on their charts though. The goo that is in the engraving on the sitar is very soft and wax-like (even after 40 years) so it must be the stuff that old Benkarji mentioned in a previous thread. He called it "shipping crate wax." The colors on the sitar ar red and black, the black actually being a VERY dark green. Benkarji mentioned that these are the most common colors available in this "shipping crate wax."
Sure do wish I knew what this stuff is. Thanks anyway.
Re:shipping crate wax Feb 26, 2004 06:45 a.m.

Aaaah, mmmmm, thought you only needed black. The reds and greens are available under the link "Trend Colors" and any color in between can be made by mushing together two or more to obtain the shade you need, not difficult to do at all.....I don't have any of the trend colors myself but still won't mind getting a few with my next order. I believe this will work for us and really, the stuff is very stable....Uncle Ken
Re:shipping crate wax Mar 08, 2004 06:24 p.m.

Hi All:
For those interested in touching up their engraving/etching, I finally found out what the stuff is.
An X member of the forum emailed me and told me they were called "Industrial Crayons."
I did some surfing and found that they go by the name of Lumber Crayons or Marking Crayons.
A company called Dixon seems to offer the most colors, the only problem being I've only seen them offered in quatities. I found one place that offers them individually in black, blue, red, white and yellow.
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