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Comments about Ustad Nizamuddin Khan Sep 21, 2002 05:13 a.m.

I have had Nizamuddin's cd for some time, but just recently I have learned to like it, a LOT. There is freshness, nice layakaris and surprises in his playing, that I can't say that I find in many other players. Thirakwa and Nizamuddin in my opinion have that freshness, that so many tabla players don't have. You can't be certain what to expect. Many tabla players have moments of improvisation, but when Thirakwa and Nizamuddin are playing you can't be exactly sure what they'll do. It's real artistry in my opinion. Many tabla players, that I like a lot don't have such skill or artistry. They play very well, but they can't keep audience in its toes. If you record or perform for years and years in my opinion one should always try to enlarge the expression. They have done that and captivated audiences that way. Many players have a very nice mood throughout the performance, but they don't have that extra to offer.For example if a long solo is performed like Thirakwa's 1964 think about all the different tihais and surprises, that He ends His improvisations with. That's about it...You get the picture. Comments?
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