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Gadi Gana Apr 22, 2002 04:26 p.m.

Dear Friends,
Can some one tell me how Gadi Gana is played
on the tabla.
Re:Gadi Gana Apr 22, 2002 05:43 p.m.

kelly (Apr 22, 2002 04:26 p.m.):
Dear Friends,
Can some one tell me how Gadi Gana is played
on the tabla.

Frequently seen included in TeTeKiTa GeDiGaNa

Ge-Open Bayan Ge
Di-Like DhunOpen Bayan Ge + Open Resonant Tun
Ga-Open Bayan Ge
Na-Regular Kinar stroke Na

Re:Gadi Gana Apr 25, 2002 07:50 p.m.

Gadigina, i do (and my teacher also) the last na as a soft non resonant stroke in the center of syahi with the 4 fingers.
Has anyone different opinions of that? it would be interesting to compare different ways of do it.
Re:Gadi Gana Apr 26, 2002 01:07 a.m.

I haven't heard that, but I should make my earlier post clearer. I was taught that the "Di" be played hitting with all four finger straight down on the tabla to produce the resonant stroke, but sweeping to the right as is more normal. The na is dry with the 3 finger on the syahi. Was the "Di" maybe what you were thinking about?
Re:Gadi Gana Apr 26, 2002 03:28 a.m.

I was teached this way (Benares gharana)
Ga: =Ghe
Di: = open hit on the syahi with the four fingers
also called "sur tin". Like Tin played on
Ga: =Ghe
Na: = Na with pointfinger
In the Benares gharana a lot of pakhawaj bols are used. I think in the Delhi gharana they do not appear.
Re:Gadi Gana Apr 28, 2002 02:05 p.m.

karmavore, I suggest you to listen the famous pakhawaj player Arjun Shejwal, or any other great pakhawaj and try to catch how they play Gadigina, you will see that they play the last na as I explained above, wich is the way I have learned from my gurujee.
Best wishes:
Dave (bolcut)
Re:Gadi Gana May 06, 2002 02:44 p.m.

Na vs. Ne -- The Saga Continues...
Loving it, the fact is, GoDiGheNe is much more common than godigheNA. So, (earth shakes) Pedro, I'm mostly with you on this one! (crowd cheers). True, this is Pakawaj bol, but we're not playing Pakawaj, we play tabla and we like to play fast! At speed di can be played with pointer and ne with ring, for example on
"Dha-tr|ktDHA-|tetekata|godigene". But if you're playing it slow why not play it slow why not play like Pedro described and get the best sound.
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