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harmonium newbie Feb 06, 2002 10:43 p.m.

Hi all...I just purchased a harmonium last week. I love the sound of it, it's very evocative and useful musically. I'm interested in using it in Western music. The first night I bought it, some of my band-mates and I jammed using the harmonium and two acoustic guitars (detuned). I've had a lot of trouble finding anyone who even knows what a harmonium is. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.
Re:harmonium newbie Feb 06, 2002 11:46 p.m.

Use it in the music like youd use a keyboard. Perhaps if you play keys for a band have the harmonium miced over on the side of your keys and make up some melodys to play with the music that sound best on harmoniu. Lately Ive been seeing a band who plays improvisational jazz and their piano player also has a melodica in his keyboard rig. If you dont know what a melodica is, its a keyboard that has a tube connected to it and you blow into the tube and this causes the reeds to vibrate when you press the keys, similar, but different to a harmonium. I see no reason why you could do something like this? Perhaps find a tabla player whom you could play with or something.
Re:harmonium newbie Feb 27, 2002 06:57 a.m.

I play harmonium, & have 14 year's of experiance to play harmonium. My teacher's name is "ustad Bhure khan"
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