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Calling Hanuman!? Feb 05, 2002 07:56 a.m.

Hey, where you been lately? The harmonium forum has surely been aching for your presence. Are you doing ok?

Bless you

Re:Calling Hanuman!? Feb 07, 2002 06:54 p.m.

Howdy-Doody BuddhistMonk!!! .... and others ... Yes Harmonium forum is very slow when compared to the very energetic Tabla forum ... but so-be-it ... and Jai Sri Harmoniumji ... I am quite preoccupied at the moment with arrangements to relocate our rural retreat, starting a new Social-anthropology study, and helping with the visit of Babaji Sivarudrabalayogi from the Himalayas .... himself a fine all-round instrumentalist and singer of devotional songs - so you can imagine as usual we've been having some great musical sessions .... Naal or Dolak, Harmonium, Kartels, Jaambe, Moorsing (Jaws Harp), Tambourine, and Gong .... All the Best for the time being ... Namaskarams
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