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is this the right harmonium? Nov 09, 2001 07:30 p.m.

well i have just purchased my first harmonium - a portable , multi-bellow, 6 stop, 3 1/2 octave, (drones d# a# g#) .
i still have questions as to whether the pretty cherry red, 31/4 ,single bellow machine ,that i didn't get, with drones tuned to (c# d# g#)would be better, it's not a portable but i am not sure what real difference that makes? also as i try to get some kind of familiarity with the instrument, i wonder about the issue of drone notes, i want to play some of my existing compostions as well as new ones and how do you choose, or is there a method for setting, picking the drone notes? forgive me, i am a novice
Re:is this the right harmonium? Nov 09, 2001 11:52 p.m.

Commendations on your HARMONIUM purchase Dr. FLOWERBUG .... and Greetings .... For a FIRST harmonium I recommend K.I.S.S. .... keep it SIMPLE- simple .... solid/single stick combined key and valve-lift ..... this commonly allows the key-closer spring to be moved sideways to allow any key to be used as a DRONE .... plus very easy to VACUUM-OUT and service (even for a child!!!) .... Upright-type instrument with carry-box, not suitcase or fold-up type .... more to go wrong .... and an increased tendency for any little thing which comes adrift INSIDE (or falls in!!! ) .... to move around as the instrument moves from upright to horizontal ... finally causing a JAMMING/ BLOCKING problem ... REPUTABLE manufacturer and local guarrantees/ warranties ... simplest bellows .... no scale-changer or key-coupler ..... single reedboard ..... (these instruments tend to be cheap and easily re-saleable!!! .... BUT not always readily available!!! ) .... Here are a few future considerations ... BUT ... it is all a matter of what IS ... READILY available ... when you NEED a harmonium isn't it .... All the BEST with your purchase .... Blessings for the-time-being.
Re:is this the right harmonium? Nov 10, 2001 07:01 a.m.

thank-you Hanumanbaba
for the speedy reply.
there is no name on this harmonium, but today i think i will go back to the place i got it, can't stop thinking about the very pretty cherry red one, which i believe is more simple, by way of the bellows - single? i was told louder, which i still don't quite understand? and it is not a suitcase design, and trade it in. am i crazy? so excited and indecisive. looking forward to the sweet sounds...
blessings to thee
Re:is this the right harmonium? Nov 12, 2001 04:42 a.m.

All-the-best with your HARMONIUM adventure .... keep us informed ... and don't forget to POST an INTRODUCTION here when you are ready .... Meanwhile is it Ms.(Mothertype) FLOWERBUG or Mr.(Bull) FLOWERBUG ?
Re:is this the right harmonium? Nov 12, 2001 12:20 p.m.

defintely mothertype flowerbug.
well i have yet another harmonium in my posession(a very simple single bellow type, with a mid - low tone) and i do not believe it is yet the one. when i returned the suitcase type i played a coupler-type, whose tone was so sweet and dulcet, combined with the coupler effect(it needs a minor repair) , i am smitten. upon reflection of the previous suitcase one that i had, i think now i even prefer it to this one i have now - more high notes and more possible subtlties. crazy all this, but i am grateful the store allows me to take home different harmoniums so i can finally choose.
looks as though i will EVENTUALLY be with one which could be more problematic then you first suggested.
wish me luck in settling my mind and finally deciding.
thanks again for responding and of course any other thoughts are welcome.
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