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Thanks for prayers ..... Oct 31, 2001 04:45 p.m.

Dddddonnnngggg dddiiiiinnngggg !!! ....The Surokar harmonium has made a full recovery after SURGERY ..... the only 'white powder' discovered was talcum powder on the scale-change belt .... tests proved negative for INHALED anthrax .... and the Bengali singing star coped well with the 'fee-extraction' operation .... The Navaratri festivals at the Hindu temples where I do regular SEVA were a resounding success .... as was the Buddhist end-of-rains-retreat festival .... much vina, sitar, singing, mrdanga, tabla, dolak, violin, dance, feasting, and etc. .... It is springtime here now so there will be a round of outdoor multicultural MELAS/fairs to assist with ..... it was the 25th. Anniversary for the local Sivananda Ashram last Saturday and so I had the opportunity to 'exercise' their three lovely and very distinctive HARMONIUMS ...... Namaskarams and ..... Om Sri Sri Harmoniumji !!!
Re:Thanks for prayers ..... Nov 02, 2001 10:44 a.m.

glad alls well! where are you? india?
Re:Thanks for prayers ..... Nov 03, 2001 01:39 a.m.

mohan (Nov 02, 2001 10:44 a.m.):
glad alls well! where are you? india?

No ! .... Nearby FREMANTLE West Australia ... .... See also my INTRODUCTORY profile and comments on this COMMUNITY board mid-to-late Aug. this year ...... Namaskarams, Blessings.

Re:Thanks for prayers ..... Nov 03, 2001 12:42 p.m.

Glad to hear there was no FATAL problems in your Harmonium.
Re:Thanks for prayers ..... Nov 05, 2001 06:37 a.m.

Thank you Hanuman for your colourful descriptions about the festivals. Our Navaratri was also very beautiful, although we don't have a Hindu temple here, we just celebrated at the kindergarten where we do our yoga classes. We started with Tantroktam Devisuktam, the Prayer to the Divine Mother, and finished with Durga Arati. We had a harmonium (of course), a tanpoura, karatals, two bengali khols, a bansuri, and a tunisian drum.

Would be glad to read more of the festivals you help and attend. I'll report about ours.

Om Shanti

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