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Knocking sound Mar 19, 2001 04:21 a.m.

Dear Harmonium Experts,

I hope to get help from you. I've just received a harmonium from India, which arrived via air cargo. The packing was really careful, the instrument is in a proper state, however, pushing down the keys they give a very strong knocking sound. For the moment it's almost impossible to play tunes on it, I can play only chords for accompaniement. I can't decide if this knocking is due to the fact that it's a brand new intrument or should it be because of the transport. Is there something to do with it, or should I just wait that with more use this sound will cease. Any helpful or consolating idea will be most appreciated. Thanks.

Re:Knocking sound Apr 17, 2001 11:33 p.m.

When you press the key normally it rests on a pad, foam or felt surface, if this is disturbed it will give knocking sound. You can open and see your harmonium what is exactly wrong.
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