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Shrinivas in Dayton Sat May 15! May 13, 2004 12:46 p.m.

First, thanks to Lars for encouraging me to attend the phenomenal Shrinivas concert in Cincinnati last night! I have to admit, I was anticipating a B+ experience as I thought the mandolin was an odd choice for ICM and not really capable of expressing the nuances. I was more pleasantly surprised -- this turned out to be an A+ event IMO. S and his brother played South Indina music on specially designed electric mandolins which had six single strings rather than four pairs of strings. The sound was unlike anything I had ever heard. They extensively used meends and glissandi (slides); they were wonderfully musical and highly entertaining. Accompaniment was also terrific - violin and two mringdanums. The concert is being repeated in Dayton this Saturday night. Steve in Louisville and the person in Columbus, you might want to go. Check out for details. Also a lecture/demo in CIncinnati at 2PM with Dr. Balu Shekar accompanied by mringdanum and flute. Not sure what that is, but I may go.
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