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jawari on other strins? Mar 14, 2004 11:38 p.m.

(strings not "strins")
I finally decided (or was brave enough) to change the jawari on my new sitar! It came half closed, NB style, as I ordered it, but I missed the open sound too much and took the plunge.

It sounds nicely open now, but what about the other strings? Do other people open up or do jawari on the 2nd ->5th strings?

I was playing a simple alap on the 2nd Sa string and it didn't sound right in comparison. It sounded a bit flat, so I opend up the 2nd. It sounds great now. So I opened up the other 2 strings. I really like the sound now, it is like the tarabs all come to life even on the lower strings. Maybe I am too picky about the jawari?


Re:jawari on other strins? Mar 24, 2004 01:29 p.m.

Hi. You can never be too picky regarding jawari. It is a very dynamic element of the instrument and will require constant attention, like a Mother responding to her childs cries. Jawari can, and must be done on all strings; taraf as well. My leanings are to a slightly flatter taraf bridge with the eventual rolloff. I got a good look at a 40 year old Hiren Roy Sitar unplayed from the shop! Learned a lot from that,I did! There are many ways to hold the files and final chisel to get a good surface. Get metaphysical with it. You will be amazed how it helps, and this from a non-believer! eMail me if you would like some pointers I picked up from Naskar's shop and RR through keen observation . Cheers! Tony
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