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preserve your jaway Feb 02, 2004 06:37 a.m.

hi all���
i found this on internet, but I dont understand fully. Exactly what is the jawary?? Is this text usefull

I've notice that sitar cares.....
Salutes from spain

PRESERVING YOUR JAWARI: Lightly shading with a pencil under the 1st string will help preserve your jawari. Another popular option for those of us in the West far away from the great jawari-wallas is to place a piece of 35mm film underneath the strings on the bridge while practicing basic exercises. Cut a piece large enough to cover the entire surface from front to the back where the horizontal cut is. Some of the bols(strokes) exercises are very hard on the jawari so this practice will allow you to preserve your bridge.

trying to help
Re:preserve your jaway Feb 02, 2004 10:14 a.m.

on the same page where you found the paragraph you quoted, ( there's another paragraph that starts: "STARTING TO TUNE AND JAWARI: The Sitar has been double checked for fret adjustments and jawari. Jawari is the shaping of the bridge to achieve a desired sound." Try reading the whole page, you'll learn a lot.
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