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Hiren Roy sitars Mar 16, 2003 02:06 a.m.

Hey, all you sitar players out there! I was just wondering if anyone could describe what Hiren Roy sitars sound like in general. I hear that they tend to have a sweeter tone than Rikhi Rams. I'm curious whether they also have a bright sound and kick out some volume. How do Hiren Roys compare with other models made by other makers?

Thank you so much!

Re:Hiren Roy sitars Mar 17, 2003 11:17 a.m.

I "test drove" a HR about 7 years ago. I can't compare it to a Rikki since I've never played one, but I think the tone from a HR is "sweet", and it is loud enough. Only problem with the test model was that it had a nasty gouge in the backside of the neck (looked like it probably was pierced by a forklift at the docks whle the boat was being unloaded). And the main tumba was just too small for my playing style. Otherwise, it was a very nice sitar
Re:Hiren Roy sitars Apr 02, 2003 11:33 p.m.

Hi, Neo and sitar friends,

As Russ mentionned, I too can't compare it to a Rikki since I've never played one but..

I have a second hand "Heren Roy & Sons" concert sitar since 1986. The original owner brought it from India in the early 80's or late 70's, before 1982 at least.

The upper gourd (lakadi ka tumba) was stolen from it's original owner by his sitar teacher, an Indian named Rahoul living in the Montreal area, in Quebec, Canada. The gourd was lend to him but he never wanted to give it back,

My sitar was most likely supervised/made by Mr. Heren Roy's son Hemangshu. Even though the main bridge never had a jawari after its trip out of India, the sound is absolutely super. It is well balanced between loudness and depth, rich in harmonics. I feel the neck is very steady and solid but also light (not heavy).

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