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Help Jan 16, 2003 10:39 p.m.

Hey guys. A simple question from a simple-minded guy. Does anyone have a method or chart for remembering what Indian notes are in the Western system? All I can remember is Sa is C#(on my sitar) It would be sweet if I had a chart or something to help me remember.



Re:Help Jan 17, 2003 12:31 a.m.

Hi Mike, I will just use SA = 'C', you can adjust up or down if you want. SA can be ANY note, generally C# for sitar but would be G for surbahar and so on.........
SA ©
komal RE (Db)
RE (D)
komal GA (Eb)
GA (E)
MA (F)
tivra MA (F#)
PA (G)
komal DHA (Ab)
komal NI (Bb)
NI (B)

There you go.......


Re:Help Jan 17, 2003 01:10 a.m.

Thanks Lars! Every time I come to this site you always help out in some way. You're the man.

One more thing way off topic...well not way off but different...I tune my strings in Shankar style but only the first 2 sound playable, or at least "fret-able". All others except for Chikari are too low. Am I tuning them right?

Stupid Kid aka Mike

Re:Help Jan 17, 2003 01:55 a.m.

Hi Mike,
Forgive me but I forgot which sitar you had?....Anyway, on a good sitar you can fret the first 2 strings all the way up but on the second string generally it's only played up to PA that I'm aware of....(right below SA on first string). Also on a lot of sitars the 2nd string can vary slightly in tune as you go up the frets, I find them most likely to go out of tune a little in the mid-range. The 3rd string you usually fret up to 2 notes or so above the open note. The desired notes are achieved by bending or meend but on a decent sitar you should be able to fret several notes above in tune. On the 4th low SA, I've heard a lot of instruments that you couldn't even go up one note on the fret without it being out of tune but it depends on the quality of the instrument, curvature of the frets....etc.
So anyway, you should be tuning the 3rd to GA (G below the C of the second string) and the 4th string to SA (low C). They can be hard to tune sometimes, and also because they are generally phosphor bronze if you strike with too much force the tune will be distorted at first so maybe that's what you are experiencing too...
Did you get the pictures of the string catch I sent you?


Re:Help Jan 17, 2003 02:25 a.m.

Lars- No I did not get any e-mails from you... Thanks for the info.
Thanks again for the chart. It has already helped me out a whole lot.


Re:Help Jan 17, 2003 11:44 a.m.

Hi Mike;
Keep in mind this is the 12-note standard scale that has a good staff-notation fit. Later on after you're comfortable with these notes, you might try the real magic of sitar, that is use of the microtones (shrutis). That's where double,triple or even more fine-tuned flats and sharps come into use. Sounds very nice, especially when using the bend (meend) technique. But like I say, save that bit for later!
Re:Help Jan 17, 2003 06:39 p.m.

Hi Mike.......your welcome, no problem! Weren't you the one that emailed me about how to make a string catch? Hmmmm........Well, if you are.....I sent a picture and a drawing to you a week ago.....


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