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bada ghoraj Dec 17, 2002 08:22 p.m.

hi guys
its been a while since i have been here
i hope that you all feel good anf enjoy your sitars
i wounder if anybody knows how can i clean my bada ghoraj - bridge its made of bafulo bone and iwant it to be clean but i dont know which matirial to use
please let me know
and one more thing if iam here - the plastic of the sitar -the decoration ,its start to pull of from the wood and there are air babole and its sucks 'how can i keep from the decprations to stay ok
thanks alot
Re:bada ghoraj Dec 18, 2002 02:43 a.m.

Hi Sun,
Nice to hear from you can use Elmers carpenters glue for the trim to stick it back on. That's the best solution so you can get it apart later if you ever have to......
On your bridge you could use some very fine grade sandpaper but be VERY careful!!
Re:bada ghoraj Dec 18, 2002 07:31 a.m.

I had the same problem with delamination/bubbles in the plastic trim. I loosened the piece, shaved the edges to refit and glued it back on with a good wood glue. to clamp while drying, I used a loop of cord that was tightened by spinning a pencil in the loop. This worked out just fine just as Peter C. had instructed. As far as cleaning your bridge, I would wait and get several other opinions. But do not use any abrasive to clean with as it would change the contours of the javari. I would simply use (sparingly) mild soap and water.
Re:bada ghoraj Dec 18, 2002 11:53 a.m.

I've used the 0000 steel wool on the bridge too with good results. Just use a very light touch and go in a circular motion instead of back and forth. Takes a while but does seem to work OK. It can not only clean but also render a very smooth finish and not change the countours of the jawari if done carefully.
Buffalo bone huh? Guess you got yourself one of them "wild west" sitars (ha).
Re:bada ghoraj Dec 18, 2002 07:57 p.m.

Ahhh......sandpaper phobia? Heh heh....VERY FINE sandpaper but steel wool is Ok if you're worried too......they use sandpaper for cleaning up tabla heads too......
Re:bada ghoraj Dec 19, 2002 02:42 p.m.

hi guys
thanks for the tips
russ i order my sitar from india and the sitar seller said that buffalo bone is the best
my sitar is a wild animal sure did and its sounds very nice and better open sound as the time passes on
if someone want to see picture on it i will be happy to show you
take care and i wish you a nice lovely day
Re:bada ghoraj Dec 19, 2002 06:48 p.m.

Hi Sun;
Glad your sitar is sounding better over time. That way you know you've got a good one.
I have 3 sitars these days. The bridge on my oldest is camel bone, newest is elk horn, and middle one is some kind of hard plastic (I think?). But I can't say which one is best. I like all of them but for different reasons. Each one seems to have a different personality.
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