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Pandit Sharda Sahai in NY and AZ May 18, 2004 01:05 p.m.

Hi everyone,

Pandit Sharda Sahai will be teaching in the USA this summer at two separate workshops:

June 26 - July 3 in Monroe, New York (close to NYC) and Guru Purnima concert performance
For information:

July 6 - July 17 in Tuscon, Arizona
For information:

Don't miss this opportunity to study with the gharanadar of the Benares gharana!

Re:Pandit Sharda Sahai in NY and AZ May 20, 2004 07:34 p.m.

Dear tabla lovers,

Just a little word on the summer trainings with Pandit Sharda Saha�.

I strongly beleive that for those of you that are serious about learning tabla, at all level, should attend these summer sessions with Pandit Sharda Saha� for several reasons.

First, his knowledge. Pandit Sharda Saha� is certainly among the few true masters of this beautiful instrument.

Second, his generosity. You will receive in a few weeks material to work on for a year or two� or for the rest of your life as a matter of fact !

Third, his pedagogy. His approach to teaching is close to the western methods, you will not be confused and everything will be clear.

Forth, the intensity of the training. Surely, personal practice is most important but there will also be daily practice group sessions wich stimulates each and everyone. Plus, all attendant are willing and eager to learn from the Guru but also from each other.

Fifth, the frienship. To spend a few weeks in such a stimulating and intense workshop provoke bonds between students that are priceless !

I myself attended several summer trainings with Pandit Sharda Saha� and without any hesitation, I would recommand these workshops to anyone serious about learning tabla. Since I'm not able to go this summer (again !) I wish all the best to those of you lucky enough to go either in NY or Arizona !

Sincerely, Gabriel

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