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looking for some lessons Mar 01, 2004 12:35 a.m.

Hello every one

My name is Aryan, i live in Australia, Melbourne i have learned Tabla for about 1years and i am really good at it.......
And i am looking for a good lessons if u guys can help me

i am actully looking for some good Thrikit's a good once and some different kinds of Kherwa and some Thrikits for it... i hope it make sence

i have to go now but plz email me i really need them and yeah one thing else if u have more Vriations of Kherwa if u can send me plz and u all have heared the song of KA HONA PYARE HE lolz

i want a beet in Tabla for tat song if u guys can help me tanks


u can email them for me in

i am waiting

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