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Unite. Feb 02, 2004 06:21 a.m.

Just a few things, As Tabla players on this forum, i belive instead of there being a small rivalry between some people on this we should instead Unite as Tabla players, respect each other that we actually decided to go further than just playing the Trombone, that we respect another Cultrure or your own Culture, that we may excell over all western percussion.
Re:Unite. Feb 02, 2004 07:43 a.m.

I seem to have lost sight of the plot.
I joined this forum to interact with others who share an interest in tabla. I have no desire or intention to unite with anyone, irrespective of their views. Neither will I respect my own or anyone elses culture because of what is said on this site.

As it happens I believe in free speech and accept that the cost of this belief is having to tolerate the views of others, no matter how distasteful. Further, I do respect the cultures of others and cultural differences between people and groups. But I believe that by resorting to explaining differences by references to culture we risk having to deal with the nature/nurture debate.

My belief is that we each represent a culture of one. As such our ideas are likely to be different from those of everyone else. I cannot subscibe to the notion therefore that some things should not be said. Rather I believe that anything can be said but we each have a responsibility to deal with that which we see, read or experience.


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