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tabla in calcutta Nov 17, 2003 11:58 p.m.

hi everybody
i just arrive yesterday in Calcutta, and i am looking for teachers to make a survey about tabla teaching. by the way i am wondering if Anindo Chatterjee is there at this moment. does anyone know where he teaches?moreover i heard there was a big festival in january in calcutta...?
at last, im searching for a pair of tabla...
any information would be helpfull...bye
Re:tabla in calcutta Nov 18, 2003 04:48 p.m.

here are some conteacts of great tabla players in calcutta...

Name : pandit kumar bose
Email :
Address : 13G,Northern Avenue,
City : Calcutta,
State : West Bengal
Region : Eastern India
PostalCode : 700 037
Country : India
Phone : 91-33-5566336
Fax : 91-33-5580591

Name : ustad sabir khan
Email :
Address : 16 ripon laneCity : calcutta
State : west bengal
PostalCode : 700016
Country : india
Phone : 033-2217-1096
Fax : 91-33-2334-8418

Name : pandit samar saha
Organization: sangeet research academy
Email :
Address : 1,N.S.C.Bose Road
City : Calcutta
State : West Bengal
PostalCode : 700040
Country : India
Phone : 471-2959

i don't know the full contacts for pt. Anindo Chatterjee, but his email is

Name : Arun Prasad banerjee
Field: Tabla
Organization: rupak
Email :
Address : 19,sriharinagar, po-natagarh n24pgs
City : calcutta
State : west bengal
Region : east
PostalCode : 700059
Country : india
Phone : 91-33-5653928

i hope that helps you out with teachers. If you need a tabla then you should definatly ask any of the above people to help you with buying a set in Calcutta, they are the best for the job.

Good Luck!

Re:tabla in calcutta Nov 18, 2003 08:41 p.m.

Another excellent teacher to add is Gourisankar, his email is
Have fun!
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