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dayan tuning Aug 11, 2003 03:28 p.m.

Hello all...this is not the same question we've seen before...

Obviously, one hits down on the gajara or gatta to tune higher, but often on a new dayan, there is only one strap over the gatta, and the gatta is high, that is, closer to the top of the drum than the bottom. Why is this the case? Shouldn't it be near the bottom? Or do you hit UP to tune higher, until the day it can go no higher, and then it's pushed all the way down toward the bottom, awaiting the eventual strap #2?

Couldn't find an answer on the net or in Courtney's books...thanks in advance.

Re:dayan tuning Aug 11, 2003 05:48 p.m.


You hit down to raise the pitch, and hit up to lower the pitch.

When you get a new drum and it's on one strap up near the top, that's just because it's a new drum. Usually, you'll need to lower it, or even put it on 2 straps in order to get the correct pitch.

Depending on the size of your drum, the skin, and syahi, your drum has an optimum pitch... you need to find that and tune accordingly.

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