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Ty Burhoe, Pete Lockett... Sep 06, 2002 05:01 a.m.

Warren and everyone else. How do these guys play classical North Indian music (Ty Burhoe, Pete Lockett) ? Are they playing traditional music at all? Do they have skills to do so?
I have heard Ty Burhoe on Curandero, but haven't heard Pete Lockett(Pete is from U.K).
Just curious...
Re:Ty Burhoe, Pete Lockett... Sep 19, 2002 12:28 a.m.

Ty Burhoe is a student of Zakir . He has recieved some pretty good attention from him.
I think he's pretty capable of providing decent classical accompaniment . It's still losely referred to in my book as student level. I'm an AAKCM alumni . There are a lot of American instrumental students of Ali Akbar Khan and there are student concerts, some quite good. Of course it's not the super high grade level of major touring artist but still it is classical hindustani music although the greater artists might not think so considering someone like Anindo refers to some great Indian musicians as junior performers. In any case I think Ty is pretty good and by the way he acheived that in about 5 years, something you could reach if your practising a lot.
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