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Zakir Hussain's tabla maker ? Jul 01, 2002 11:40 a.m.

I recently had the chance to see Z. Hussain and Tabla Beat Science at the Montreal Jazz Festival. I tried to see who the maker of his tablas was but the label was unfortunately obscured (at least partially). It was a small yellow label on the side of the drum which said something like "Sadanna" or Gadanna" in red letters. Does anyone know of this tabla maker ? Or if he can be contacted for purchase ? Any info. would be greatly appreciated.. V.
Re:Zakir Hussain's tabla maker ? Jul 01, 2002 05:25 p.m.

I believe you are talking about Sadadan tablas. I have heard he makes the tabla for Zakir Hussain. You can get them through
Re:Zakir Hussain's tabla maker ? Jul 01, 2002 05:38 p.m.

(I think my last post didn't connect)...
Thanks for the info, I'm sure you're right, it was Sadadan. The web site you mentionned seems to be down, or at least I can't seem to connect. Are you sure about the address ?
Do you have any other leads for Sadadan tablas ?
Thxs. V.
Re:Zakir Hussain's tabla maker ? Jul 01, 2002 05:49 p.m.

that is the right adress, i guess it is down at this time. I'm afraid I have no other leads on Sadadan tabla., you might call the Ali Akbar Khan School of music store and see if they have them.Other than that I dont know.
Re:Zakir Hussain's tabla maker ? Jul 04, 2002 06:08 p.m.

I always thought it was Sadanan or Sadanand, not Sadadan... but I think we're all talking about the same person here.

In any case, Prafulla ( is the only person I'm aware of that is selling these tablas by mail order. I have one tabla and it's amazing!

By the way, are you FROM Montreal, or were you just visiting for the Jazz Festival? I'm in Montreal, and I try to know all the tabla players in that's why I ask

Take care,


Re:Zakir Hussain's tabla maker ? Aug 04, 2002 05:06 p.m.
Guys, Zakirji was yalking about his tablamaker Sadanand on this German site.
Re:Zakir Hussain's tabla maker ? Aug 05, 2002 04:37 p.m.

I had a friend who actually got a pair while he was in India . To bad it's not a big company and Sadanand is getting old .
By the way there is a new Tala Matrix live double album and I like it better than the original.
It has Sultan Khan on Sarangi which adds a good dimension
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