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Redesigning the Tabla Jun 26, 2002 08:27 a.m.

Anyone interested in a project to redesign the Tabla using modern hardware for tightenig the skin as well as adding electronic amplification?
Re:Redesigning the Tabla Jun 26, 2002 01:11 p.m.

You mean an "electric tabla" just like an electric guitar? I wonder what sound would give a microphone placed in the tabla... That could be interesting.
On electronic hand drums, I have tried the Roland HDP15: a very good machine with a fast response and some nice modulation possibilities. But bad sounds : the same as those you can get with any keyboard.
I would be interested in a virtual drum with true sound modelisation.
Re:Redesigning the Tabla Jun 26, 2002 06:46 p.m.

Id be more interested in a traditional Tabla with Mic placed inside with some for of jack on the outside. No virtual drumming for me.
Re:Redesigning the Tabla Jun 26, 2002 07:20 p.m.

while i like the idea there are some hinderances.

the first idea that comes to mind is to simply emulate modern latin drum design. LP's comfort curve conga rims are a great idea. but modern rims rely on evenly hooped heads. and theres the problem. could you build a tabla head into a modern steel/aluminum hoop? yes, but not evenly. youd need a synthetic head. easy enough, while some might not like the feel, there are good imitations (and youll never be able to please everyone) out there that could be used. the remo nuskin is nice and is designed in a way that the film wraps over a hoop and back up. they could continue that layer further onto the head to work as the chat (or add another piece as they do on the powerstroke heads) ... but what of the syahi.

so, once synthetic heads have been figured out, modern rims are easy.

as for electronics. mini internal mics. only way to go. at this point the best electronic triggers out there are the rolands, and they arent cabable of the pitch bends and other really subtle nuances. a simple contact mic (like K&K 's) would work as well, but it would be best on the head, probably directly under the syahi, which can make head changes difficult. so an internal mic (as on an acoustic guitar) would work best. karsh kale and talvin singh have both proved that.

im very intrigued by the prospect actually, and think i may investigate how to make an artificial gab on a synthetic head. id probably start with remo suede or nuskin.

keep us informed of your ideas!

Re:Redesigning the Tabla Jun 27, 2002 11:38 p.m.

What do you mean you have to have synth head to have a modern style metal hoop rim? I have congas with real skin and modern metal hoops? why wouldnt skin work ?
Re:Redesigning the Tabla Jun 29, 2002 08:50 a.m.

sorry, i guess you wouldnt HAVE to have a synthetic head. but considering all the different parts to a tabla head vs a conga head i just think it would be difficult.

i guess im just stuck on the synthetic head thing. it was upwards of 80 degrees and bone dry here for the past week and now its topping at 60 and raining. seattle weather wreaks havok on natural heads

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