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How do you play Trata? Mar 06, 2002 12:45 p.m.

how do you play trata? i was shown once but i forgot..and when i DO attempt to play it my fingers feel weak. DO you have any exercises that could help my fingers on the Tabla?
Re:How do you play Trata? Mar 06, 2002 03:09 p.m.

I take Trata to mean Traka!
I play this totally on Tabla( Dayan , Right hand drum ). I use three fingers of my right hand.
Stroke the Tabla( going from left->right as flat as possible ):
1) Starting with the ring finger followed by middle and index fingers, one at a time in quick succession. This completes Tra
2) for Ka: change the direction of the stokes and hit the Tabla with ring/ring+middle going
from right->left. If you use 2 fingers, use both at the same time to produce only 1 bol.

This completes my "TraKa"

This is slightly tough for beginners, especially clarity!! You can start in slow tempo and then gradually speed up, just like other strokes which contain more fingers( like TitaKita, etc ).

Good Luck!!

Re:How do you play Trata? Mar 07, 2002 05:43 p.m.

I got a similar question: I know how to play TraKa (i also play it both strokes on Dayan), but what about TraKra, is it exactly the same bol?
Re:How do you play Trata? Mar 11, 2002 03:26 p.m.

TraKra is a different bol than TraKa.
If you refer to my previous main of "TraKa", only modification would be reqd in the 2nd part.
In Kra( just like Tra ), use 3 fingers instead of 1/2. From right->left, hit middle finger followed by ring in quick succession to create 2 distinct bols( k r )

Good Luck!

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