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Anindojee in concert Mar 01, 2002 04:23 a.m.

Hi guys,

I heard that Anindojee will be playing in the Royal Festival Hall in Southbank, London on the 11 of March. I don't really know if he is the one playing tabla but give them a call to find out. Playing sitar is:
Ustad Imrat Khan - sitar & surbahar

tickest are from ten to twenty pounds!


Re:Anindojee in concert Mar 12, 2002 03:24 a.m.

Anindojee was briliant as expected. Nice three hour concert with a great surbahar performance. There are really no words to describe Anindojee. He just kept sending these strong bayan waves that hits you like a gentle thunder. ...and lets not mention the deadly lightining combination of his right hand and the dayan. Brilliant!!
Aparently, Imrat Khan's brother will be playing in the Royal Festival Hall in April with Kishan Maharaj. That sounds promising. check it first.


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