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How friendly are you all Sep 05, 2001 11:15 p.m.

What up all...about the subject..just testing out if this is a board to help people and keep things going, thats in comparision to other boards where all the newbies get shit just for being newbies
Anyways...I have just bought my first set...after I heard and bought Tabla Beat Science (amazing by the way). Well the question i have is does anyone know of a teacher in the chicago area? I have been downloading tones off the net and the hand placement charts with the tones to learn...but it is going to be difficult...Can anyone help?

Peace and warmluv

Re:How friendly are you all Sep 06, 2001 04:00 p.m.

There is a teacher who posts on this board occasionally who lives in the Chicago area. I cannot remeber his name though. There is also a teacher database on the austin Tabla page that lists teachers. Tell me if you have no luck finding any.

Also a tip about the tones and video clips on the net....Its better to just get books and videos, or better yet a teacher. When i first started and couldnt find a teacher, the tones and charts on the net really just confused me more about stroke names and how to play them. I got a video and it cleared things up a bit and helped me out. But when i got a teacher it helped out alot.

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