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Mic's in a contemporary context Jul 24, 2001 08:01 a.m.

I record electronic dance music with Indian and Arabic influences and we're due to play at a festival this summer. In the past I've mic'd up my tablas live by placing an SM57 or equivilent very close to the skin about 90 degrees clockwise from where my index finger strikes when I play Na (i.e. 180 degrees from where my ring finger rests on the gob). This is fine unless you use Dheri strokes where your hand ends up needing to be where the mic is.

This year I'm planning on using various compositions where I would like to use Dheri therefore meaning that I need to change my mic placement. As we're playing through a serious PA with lot's of foldback the volume is going to make feedback a real issue. Also because I'm using effects on the tabla I'm controlling my own desk so the soundman has less control over EQ etc than normal making his life difficult in a feedback sense as well.

For the Baya I'm going to try using a bug mic on the underside of the drum which should make life a lot easier and mean that I can emphasise the bass easily.

Has anyone had any experiance of using tablas in a live loud setting without restricting hand movement accross the drum? Any tips would be greatly recieved.



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