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In desperate search for a guru Mar 25, 2001 10:42 p.m.

Hi again,
I have the calling to learn tablas and I know that in order to do so a guru is neccesary. I have looked all over. I have hounded the hindu temple and have given them my name, I also have begged all my Indian friends to ask relatives and friends that play if they could teach me. None of them have time. I have also E-mailed a teacher in Lexington, Ky but have still not received a reply. I live in Louisville, Ky and have to learn tablas. If anyone can help or advise me on this matter, I would be forever grateful. I must learn and I don't wnat to do it on my own and develop bad technique. Thankyou!
Mr.Prafulla Athalye.
Re:In desperate search for a guru Mar 26, 2001 01:56 p.m.

dear friend,
try to search for a guru in your area by clicking the following link-
i think it will definitely help you because they have a listing of all tabla teacher spread all over the world.all the best.
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