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tabla players wanted! Mar 21, 2001 10:58 a.m.

Peace to all.

walk skip run glide ( is a tabla and bass group, similar in style to Talvin Singh and Tabla Beat Science. We're currently looking for additional tabla players to collaborate with. We are located in Milwaukee, WI, and have recording equipment and studio available to those who live close by.

Please take a listen, and if you're interested, contact us at We are interested in players of all skill levels.

Thanks for your time...


Re:tabla players wanted! Mar 29, 2001 07:24 a.m.


I record with Secret Archives of the Vatican working along the same lines. We're in the UK so we probably can't get together to exchange ideas too easily but if you want a remixer (or you're interested in doing some remixing) then let me know.

You can email me at and check out some of our stuff (there is more tabla lead stuff that we should be mixing in the near future) at

Broken Drum Records

Re:tabla players wanted! Mar 29, 2001 07:29 a.m.

You may also want to check out Tobias Ott at He's got several projects there including the awesome Spaceport Orkestra of Benares which I think you'll like. You should also check out his playing on Tabla and Strings also at BeSonic. I'm sure Tobias would be interested in collaborating, as he's based in Germany he wouldn't be able to meet in person but he could probably record you some stuff at a specific bpm.

Hope this helps

Louis Counter
Broken Drum Records

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