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Hi Everyone! Apr 02, 2002 11:01 p.m.

I just found this site and I can not believe that there is a sitar forum.....FANTASTIC!

I'm from Sydney, Australia and I am beginning to learn the sitar. I went to India two years ago and had a few lessons over there. I bought a sitar over there as well, although it's not the greatest one ever, but it is good enough to learn on.

I haven't played much over the past couple of years as I couldn't find a teacher here in Sydney, but I have just found a teacher about an hour and a half north of where I live.

So, I'm back into it and am sure to be asking you all a few questions as they come up!

Re:Hi Everyone! Apr 03, 2002 03:35 p.m.

Well, G'day!
I have seen a number of sitar groups, clubs, etc. on the net over the past few years, but the sitar forum here seems to be the only one that hasn't died out from no activity. Stays fairly active with all kinds of people from all over on it. We tend to ask all kinds of questions about the music and the instrument, so you're welcome to join in.
Re:Hi Everyone! Apr 03, 2002 08:02 p.m.

Thanks for the welcome!

Where do you live Russ?

How long have you been playing sitar?

Have you studied in India? I really want to go and spend some more time over there to devote to learning the instrument. I'm saving up to do it within two years. I've been searching the net to try and find out where I can learn, I thought Varanassi, but it seems Lucknow has more places....

Re:Hi Everyone! Apr 08, 2002 01:35 p.m.

I live in southern New Mexico in the U.S., not far from El Paso, Texas. Hard to say how long I've been playing sitar. I've gone through "phases" in music where I would play one or two instruments and types of music for a few years, then change to something else as the desire hit me. I bought my first sitar in Ft. Worth Texas in the summer of 1970,played it at an amateur talent contest at university in the fall of 1971, placed 3rd. But by 1974, I was playing guitar and synthesizer exclusively, sitar stranded in the closet. Stayed that way until around 1980 when I picked it up again, just to put it away by 1982. Didn't touch it again until spring of 1997 when I bought a second sitar and a 3rd sitar last Christmas. So, total time estimated around 8 years. I don't have formal training, just books, videos, and the rare sitarists I've come across over the years that were kind enough to show me a few "chops". The rest is by ear, as they say. There is one teacher in my state, around 350 miles north of me, so that's probably out. I would also like to travel to India one day, but not until they work out their differences with the Pakistanis. Don't want to get shot!
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