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Happy Thanksgiving- i need lessons, help everyone. Nov 22, 2001 11:52 a.m.

i regret to say that i have neglected playing for a month or so. mostly because i just started, don't know more than two tunes, and have been busy with other things. could someone help me with sheet music or a lesson or two on a cassette tape. i would gladly send blank tapes with return postage. if someone has a video on playing and could dub it for me that would be great also, the blanks and postage offer would still stand with that.
Re:Happy Thanksgiving- i need lessons, help everyone. Nov 23, 2001 03:08 a.m.

Howdy MOHAN !!!! .... Sorry You are "bogged-down" .... If you already know a few simple songs to sing and take 15 minutes to learn 7 EASY three-finger-chords based on the seven consecutive white notes .... using a readily available chord chart ( public library) .... left-hand or right-hand as you prefer ... you can be enjoying playing ACCOMPANIMENT to those simple (Christmas ) songs .... 'by ear' ... in 15-20 minutes .... thereafter you will be able to learn songs from cd's and tapes 'by ear' .... and using your basic chords ... accompany on the HARMONIUM .... Does this sound Tooooo toooooo easy ... It is !!! ... Very different to the CLASSICAL method of learning .... Fun, fun, fuuunnn !!! ... Not work, work, dreary woooorrrk !!! ... see my (BABA ... 31 July) previous POST this board at ... BABU'S message thread aug 01 this year .... and website ..... .... and don't forget some FEEDBACK !!!! ... Not much point in giving comment/ advice on these BOARDS when so many people provide no acknowlegent, feedback, or thanks .... Blessings ... HanumanBaba
Re:Happy Thanksgiving- i need lessons, help everyone. Nov 24, 2001 02:52 p.m.

Babaji! thank you for the wonderfully simple and creativity encouraging advice i'll let you know how it works out for me. namaste-----mohan
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