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I ordered a tanpura! Nov 11, 2001 06:24 p.m.

Hey guys, just letting you know I ordered a tanpura from buckingham music, its the AAA 5 string instrumental one. Im going to show a friend how to play it so he can acompany me and my sitarist friend when we play, this means we will be well enough for performance soon. Lots of practice will still be needed though. Ill tell you how it is when it gets here next week.
Re:I ordered a tanpura! Nov 12, 2001 04:57 a.m.

Ding-a-ling ... Jai Jai Sri Sri 5 String Tampuraji !!!! .... Hooray!!!
Re:I ordered a tanpura! Nov 12, 2001 07:23 a.m.

Buddhist Monk,

Congratulations, and when you don't need it anymore, please think of us, because we would need an instrumental tanpoura as well. I have a very beautiful vocal tanpoura, but it's so huge (especially with its hard case) that we hardly find a car to transport it :o).
We would need that litte and flat type as the instrumental ones. But in Budapest it's hard to find tanpouras....
We are sharing your joy!

Shanti - Sita

Re:I ordered a tanpura! Dec 06, 2001 11:04 p.m.

The one I got is small and nice sounding. It is great at staying in tune and everything. Completes our indian "classical" trio. We are sounding ok. Lots of tabla practice has been going on. My speed is going up and up every week. I still have a problem with sweating too much. So I have began using a fan blowing on my hands when i play.
Re:I ordered a tanpura! Dec 07, 2001 03:56 p.m.

Excellent ... excellent ... excellent ... BuddhistMonk !!! 'Sukhi-Hotu' and Commendations on your hard-work .... your hands must indeed be like greased-lightning ... also Happy Xmas/ Prosperous New Year to all the Devotees of Indian music/ instruments on these boards ... with this board being a bit slow at the moment, another good keyboarding site worth following is ...
.... Namaskarams/ Blessings
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