Name: Amit Adiecha
E-Mail: amit.a@hispeed.ch
Field: Sitar, Vocal Classical Music & Harmonium
Address: Theaterstr. 7, 4051 Basel. Switzerland.
Telephone: 0041 76 5083677
Misc. Info: I tought Singing style Sitar & Vocal Indian music for 15 years in New York. Since 25 years I teach in Basel. Switzerland.

Name: Amit and Ana Sharma Bandhavi
E-Mail: dhrupadsoundyoga@gmail.com
Field: Dhrupad Vocal, old classical North indian music
Address: Trichtenhausenstrasse 120, 8053 Zurich.
Telephone: 0041 78 836 39 38
Misc. Info: Website: www.dhrupadsoundyoga.ch, youtubeclips on http://dhrupadsoundyoga.ch/?page_id=72 Dhrupad is always accompanied by the Tanpura, a drone instrument. Dhrupad is the only Indian style which remained in the purity of Sur and Raga. It is a very deep musical school but also a great way to enhance concentration, creativity, improvisation and the inner joy.

Name: Luca Carangelo
E-Mail: carangelo@sunrise.ch
Field: Tabla
Address: Blumenstr.38, 2502 Biel/ Bienne, Switzerland
Telephone: 0041 32 322 23 49
Misc. Info: www.carangelo.ch Student of Jatinder Thakur and Pandit Anindo Chatterjee. Teaching Tabla/ indian rhythm theory at the conservatory of Biel/ Bienne (www.musikschule-biel.ch).

Name: David Cotting
E-Mail: tabla@tablawallah.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Geneva, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 (0)22 741.21.06
Misc. Info: www.tablawallah.com; I have been studying in the style of Benares Gharana for the past 10 years, currently disciple of Sri Nimai Das of Calcutta since 2005.

Name: Lakshmi K. Devadas
E-Mail: lakshmi@freesurf.ch
Field: Bharatanatyam
Address: Route des Grives 9, 1763 Granges-Paccot, Fribourg, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 79 34 999 72
Misc. Info: www.lakshmikdevadas.com

Name: Anurita Etchepareborda
E-Mail: anurita@swarsystems.com
Field: Hindusthani - Vocal
Address: Chemin des Cottages, 6 1260 Nyon / VD Switzerland
Telephone: 41 22 / 990-00-13
Misc. Info:

Name: Daniel Heller
E-Mail: dani.heller@bluewin.ch
Field: Tabla
Address: Rosentalweg 11, 6340 Baar, Switzerland
Misc. Info: Master of Music degree from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, India Student of Pandit Chotelal Mishra, Varanasi, India

Name: Petra Heiz
E-Mail: petra.heiz@natyachandra.ch
Field: Bharata Natyam, Thiruvathirakali (Folk Dance from Kerala), Carnatic Volcal
Address: CH-8400 Winterthur ZH, Switzerland
Telephone:+41 (0)52 233 24 65
Misc. Info: www.natyachandra.ch

Name: Jolafin Hostettler
E-Mail: info@kathak-dance.com
Field: Kathak
Address: Basel
Misc. Info: Kathak Performance, courses and workshops. Disciple of Guru Surangama Dasgupta, following the curriculum of prayag sangit samiti, Lucknow Gharana. www.kathak-dance.com, www.facebook.com/dancekathak

Name: Peter Huber
E-Mail: info@tabla-schule.ch
Field: Tabla, Sitar, Surbahar
Address: Bellerivestrasse 18, 8008 Zuerich
Telephone: 0041 43 499 96 25
Misc. Info: Since 1988 Student of Pandit Arvind Mulgaonkar in Mumbai. Teaching Indian Classical Music since 1992.

Name: Uma Kumar
E-Mail: uma73@hotmail.co.uk
Field: Indian Carnatic Music
Address: Aesch, Basel, Switzerland.
Misc. Info: Grand daughter of Sattur Sri A.G. Subramanya Iyer( Musician). Masters degree in Indian Carnatic Music. Lessons can be taught through Skype as well.

Name: Shailaja Krishnamurthy
E-Mail: krishnamurthyshailaja@gmail.com
Field: Indian Carnatic Music
Address: Wiedikon, Zurich-8003
Misc. Info: I have been learning carnatic music for more than 15 years now and have also been performing. Lessons can be taught through skype as well.

Name: Nathalie Masson
E-Mail: nathaliemassonkathak@gmail.com
Field: Kathak
Address: Geneva, Switzerland
Misc. Info: www.nathaliemassonkathak.com

Name: Aaron McFarlin
E-Mail: mosstrail@hotmail.com
Field: Pakhawaj, Mardala
Address: Basel and Zurich, Switzerland
Misc. Info: I've learned Mardala (Odissi Pakhawaj) for 7 years from Guru Padma Charan Dehury, a disciple of Guru Sri Banamali Maharana and Guri Sri Dhaneswar Swain. Odissi classical, solo repertoire, some folk and tabla style for song, and Odissi music theory. Available for lessons in Upper Bhagsu, Dharamsala from May-August; in Varanasi (UP) from August-November; and in Pushkar, (Raj.) from January-May. Avaiable for workshops and performance worldwide.

Name: Udai Mazumdar
E-Mail: udaimazumdar@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Weiherweg 38, 4054 Basel, BS, Switzerland
Telephone: 0041 61 382 74 08
Misc. Info: http: http: www.mazumdarudai.com

Name: Stephan Montangero
E-Mail: stephanmontangero@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Grand-Rue 9, St-Maurice Vs, Suisse Romande, Switzerland PostalCode : 1890
Telephone: 024 485 26 90
Misc. Info:

Name: Dr Shubhendu Mudgal
E-Mail: mudgals59@gmail.com
Field: Vocal
Address: 23, Rue de Montchoisy, Geneva 1207, Switzerland
Misc. Info: I am a trained Indian Classical Vocalist, received training from Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya, New Delhi, India, for six years and also participated and performed with Gandharva Choir. I am interested in association for vocal singing training and performances in social groups in geneva. By profession, I am Public Health Specialist, working with World Health Organization in Geneva.

Name: Fariha Pervez
E-Mail: farihasongbird@gmail.com
Field: Vocalist
Address: Montreux Switzerland
Misc. Info: I am a classical trained singer and have sung professionally for 20 years. I have learned classical singing from the Gwaliar Gharana. I have sung classical, semi classical, ghazal, Sufi, folk etc and I was also a part of Coke Studio Pakistan in Season 6 and Season 7. More details can be found on www.youtube.com/FarihaPervez, www.facebook.com/FarihaPervez, www.soundcloud.com/FarihaPervezofficial, www.farihapervez.net

Name: Vijaya Rao
E-Mail: akademie@nateschwara.org
Field: Bharat Natyam, Carnatic Music
Address: Rütistrasse 3, 5400 Baden, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 (0)56 222 04 48
Misc. Info: Director of Nateschwara Dance & Music Academy and of the Nateschwara Theatre for Classical Indian Performing Arts, www.nateschwara.org

Name: Dr Bijayashree Samal
E-Mail: bijayashree.samal@gmail.com
Field: Hindusthani Classical Vocal
Address: Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 (0)22 723 25 23
Misc. Info: http://bijayashreesamal.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCreRqkwyYLr8TYZcWY13-rw Disciple of Pt. Sanjeev Abhayankar ji.

Name: Sarah Sangeetha
E-Mail: sarahsangeethadance@gmail.com
Field: Bharatanatyam, Karana dance
Address: Im Bruggen 37, 8906 Bonstetten, Zurich, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 79 402 90 26
Misc. Info: www.sarahsangeetha.com

Name: Shivani Shah
E-Mail: shivani_862001@yahoo.co.in
Field: Kuchipudi (Indian Classical Dance)
Address: Wettingen, Aragu, Switzerland
Misc. Info: Have done my "Aarangetram" in Kuchipudi i.e. a Bachelors in Kuchipudi in the year 1998. Have been performing and teaching Kuchipudi since then.

Name: Poonam Shyam
E-Mail: poonam.shyam@trishna.ch
Field: Kathak
Address: Hofwiesenstrasse 232, Zurich 8057, Switzerland
Telephone: 078 669 85 85
Misc. Info: Website - www.trishna.ch / www.srijan.ch

Name: Vrindaavan Dance Academy
E-Mail: vrindaavandanceacademy@gmail.com
Field: Indian Classical Dance Swiss fusion training (only for Stage performances)
Address: 6343 Rotkreuz, Zug, Switzerland
Misc. Info: www.vrindaavandanceacademy.wordpress.com / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc2YP-3yB44YPkIztDFj5AA - - Trained bharatanatyam dancer and Kathak dancer beginners (still student). Odissi coming soon. Only Stage performance trainings for all nationalities!

Name: Manish Vyas
E-Mail: namaste@manishvyas.com
Field: tabla, harmonium, santoor, keyboard, vocal
Address: Zurich, St.Gallen, Gossau
Telephone:+41 71 525 5086
Misc. Info: www.manishvyas.com. Manish Vyas is a Disciple of Ustad Allarakha, a multi instrumentalist, recording artist, performer and teacher. He has been professionally active in the field of music since 25 years. Manish has been performing and recording all around the world with his solo concerts as well as having accompanied other artists - Prem Joshua, Snatam Kaur, Deva Premal to name a few. Manish now leads his solo concerts with his band comprising of a Sitar player & a percussionist. He also teaches Tabla, Harmonium and Vocal.

Name: Hans Wettstein
E-Mail: sitar@insight-reisen.com
Field: Sitar, Vocal (Dhrupad, Khyal)
Address: Fröhlichstrasse 42, 8042 Zürich
Telephone: 044 280 62 62
Misc. Info: http://www.insight-reisen.com/Sitarunterricht_in_Klassischer_Indischer_Musik.php

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