Name: Lucjan Wesolowski (Lucyan)
E-Mail: Wesolowski@gmail.com
Field: sitar, bansoori, Western and Asiatic instruments played using Indian scales, composition, arrangement, recording.
Address: Maratonska 61 m 65 94-102 Lodz, Poland
Telephone: +48/505/81-90-01
Misc. Info:I am a composer of World music, meditative music, songs etc., I play different instruments, as sitar, bansuri, guitar, electric bass, oud, bouzouki, saz, djembe etc. I composed and recorded over 20 CDs which have been produced in Italy, Poland, Hungary and USA. My music has been used as a soundtrack for 6 DVDs produced in the USA with yoga courses. I am interested to perform and teach, and also to collaborate and exchange. Websites: www.lucyan.prv.pl (www.surya-sound.com), www.myspace.com/lucyan2006, www.youtube.com

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