Name: Parashuram Bhandari
E-Mail: bhandariparashuram@yahoo.com
Field: sarangi - Indian and Nepali
Address: Hilo, Hawaii
Telephone: 808-640-9911 (cell)
Misc. Info: Parashuram comes from the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. He traveled to Varanasi, India, to study with the Late BacchaLal Misra, then training under under Senior Musician Gopal Nath Yogi in Nepal. He received his Master's Degree in Music from Prayag Sangit Samiti. He is the only musician in Nepal to play sarangi in the North Indian Classical Style, and he has written the only textbook on how to play the sarangi. Parashuram has more than 20 years of performance experience with both Indian Classical music and Nepali folk tunes, touring twelve years with Om Shringara Nepal in Asia and the US. For more information on Parashuram, his CDs, or book, please see his website: www.parashurambhandari.com.

Name: Boaz
E-Mail: boazdrum@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Telephone: 001-808-965-6663
Misc. Info: Multi-percussionist playing classical tabla traditional from Farukabad Gharana.  Student of Jnan Prakash Ghosh, Aloke Dutta and Tanmoy Bose. Also playing in folk / kirtan and non-traditional settings. Long-term student of African, Afro-Cuban, Haitian and Brazilian music. Co-founder of eclectic all-percussion group: Baraba-Jaba. Mahalo and please join tribes.tribe.net/baraba-jaba for updates on upcoming live music events on the Big Island!

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