(Northern California)


Name: Aerodance
E-Mail: ranjani_manda@yahoo.com
Field: Semiclassical, Folk, Bollywood, Devotional, Classical and fusion dances
Address: 39488 Sea Scape Road Fremont CA 94538
Telephone: 510 498 8298
Misc. Info: Ranjani Manda concieved Aerodance in 1999. Aerodance teaches Indian Folk, Devotional, and Bollywood types of dance rendered in semi-classical form with emphasis on movements delivered with speed and grace. Ranjani Manda obtained advanced training in Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi for 12 years and has given several dance recitals, which is reflected in her choreography

Name: Gayathri Arvind
E-Mail: letuslearnmusic@gmail.com
Field: Carnatic music / slokas / bhajans
Address: cupertino, california
Misc. Info: I have started music lessons for children from 3+. batches on tuesdays and thursdays. New batches will be added eventually. Carnatic music / slokas and bhajans. 30 mins class and 1 hour class.

Name: David Aue
E-Mail: tabla@aue.org
Field: Tabla
Address: 737 Coventry Rd. Berkeley, CA 94707
Telephone: 510-541-8988
Misc. Info: Student of Pt. Swapan Chaudhuri : private lessons in east bay: near berkeley, oakland, el cerrito, albany, richmond

Name: Krishnaprasad Bannanje
E-Mail: krishnaprasad.bhat@gmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Santa Clara, CA USA
Telephone: 9195925521
Misc. Info: I studied tabla from Shri Madhava Acharya for about 8 years and then with Pt. Udayaraj Karpur. I give private lessons in Santa Clara/ San Jose/ Milpitas (South bay) over the weekend (Sat / Sun). I am also happy to accompany or practice with any interested Bansuri / Sitar / Sarod/ Santoor player or Hindustani vocalist.

Name: Prasad Bhandarkar
E-Mail: bansuriflute@gmail.com
Field: Hindustani Flute
Address: Campbell, CA
Misc. Info: Engineer by profession. Have been learning Hindustani flute for over 15 years. Initially learnt flute from Shri. Anant Patwardhan and then from Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia. http://www.bansuriflute.com

Name: Arjun Bharadwaj
E-Mail: arjunbharadwaj94@gmail.com
Field: Flute (Bansuri) Hindustani Classical
Address: Union City, CA but starting out on Skype
Misc. Info: My name is Arjun Bharadwaj. I have been learning the bansuri flute for the past 4-5 years. If you are beginner or intermediate level who wants to start out on the flute or get on the right track and play at a reasonably professional level, I can be off great help and can guide you!!

Name: Bharathi Kalalaya
E-Mail: Annu_Radha@hotmail.com
Field: North and South Indian vocal and instrumental
Address: 3392 Seldon Ct., Fremont, CA 94539
Telephone: (510) 490 4629
Misc. Info: www.bharathikalalaya.com

Name: Pallavi Bhat
E-Mail: pallavi.smg@gmail.com
Field: Bharathanatyam
Address: 10855, Northview Square, Cupertino, CA 95014
Telephone: 650-469-4394
Misc. Info:

Name: Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti
E-Mail: l.bhatti@sbcglobal.net
Field: Dhol, Dholak, Harmonium, Vocal, Bhangra
Address: Stockton, California
Telephone: 510-220-5653
Misc. Info: **** Cultural Academy Of Arts **** Classes are now being offerd in the bay to anyone who wants to learn dhol, tabla, dholak, harmonium (piano), and singing! Classes are taugh by: Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti ji Group classes available! 1-on-1 classes are held regularly. Any type of group arrangement can be made. Flexible hours. All Levels of students welcomed. You don't even need an instrument to start learning! We can provide a practice instrument at your personal practices, and also help you buy a quality instrument. Classes are held in Fremont, CA For more information, me directly at 510-220-5653 and say "Sat Sri Akal Uncle ji!"

Name: Bhuvaneswari
E-Mail: bhuvanagurumurthy243@gmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam
Address: Roseville, California, United States of America
Telephone: Mobile - (510)2598003
Misc. Info: Kalamitra School of the Dance

Name: Megan Black
E-Mail: vandhana@sbcglobal.net
Field: Indian Classical Kathak Dance
Address: 16 Vendola Street San Rafael, California 94903
Telephone: 415-492-8205
Misc. Info: Vandhana School of Kathak Dance was founded by director, Megan Black, in 1990 in San Rafael, California. Dance classes are available at all levels. Megan has studied Kathak since 1980 and is a disciple of Smt. Kumudinin Lakhia of Kadamb Dance Center in Ahmedabad, India. : For more info: http://www.kathakdance.org :

Name: Revital Carroll
E-Mail: shaktibhakti@gmail.com
Field: Odissi dance
Address: Los Gatos, CA, USA
Telephone: 928-713-7123
Misc. Info: www.shaktibhakti.com Available for workshops, private classes, performances.

Name: Trisha Chhaganlal
E-Mail: Trisha@AmeyaGroups.com
Field: Classical Kathak, Garba, Bollywood, & Fusion
Address: Orlando, FL
Misc. Info: Website - www.AmeyaGroups.com, Facebook Page - Ameya Groups

Name: Bobby Chavali - Natya Tarang Dance Academy
E-Mail: kuchipudi.classes@gmail.com
Field: Kuchipudi
Address: Fremont, CA
Telephone: 510-945-7065
Misc. Info: Bobby Chavali hails from Kuchipudi Art Academy under the eminent and exponent Guru VC Satyam garu's guidance, also learned from Vedantam Raghava Sharma garu, Pt. Bagavatula Rammurthy garu. Currently offers classes in Fremont, Dublin / San Ramon areas. Has given several performances in India (Child Kuchipudi TV artiste) and USA.

Name: Raghav Chawla -
E-Mail: raghav_chawla1@yahoo.co.uk
Field: Vocal and Instrumental, Classical & Modern Bhajan, Sanskrit kirtans, Ghazal, Filmy, and more
Address: Sanfransisco Area, El Cerrito, Richmond
Telephone: 916-459-6054 (Cell)
Misc. Info: Music is more than just a profession. It is a lifestyle. So don't think that you are too late to learn. For it is for your multidimensional self-evolution, even if you are not looking for it as a profession it still does great things to you. I can teach Vocal music, Singing as well as some Indian and Western Musical Instruments such as Harmonium, Banjo, Keyboard and Synthesizer. Learn how to Sing as well as play Indian Songs, Sanskrit Kirtans, Bhajans, Ghazals, Bollywood, Filmy, Classical and Modern music in Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu on Musical Instument as well as Singing Vocal. Can also teach you with some Special breathing exercises that might help better singing. I can teach those to you as well for better Riaz in Singing. Contact me on my cell and discuss or leave the message and I will call you back.

Name: Shaiq Chishty
E-Mail: schishty@comcast.net
Field: Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium, Dilruba, Flute
Telephone: 478-6729 & 209-598-3055
Misc. Info: Classes : Bay Area - Greater Sacramento area & Central Valley. Mr Chishty is a disciple of world renowned sitarist Ustad Imrat Khansab (brother of Ustad Vilayat Khansahab) Ustad Rais Khan and Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan ( the nephew of Ustad Abdul Aziz Khan, who invented the famous "Vichittar Veena". Mr Chishty also learned from Ustad Imdad Khan of Dehli Gharana and Pt. Partha Chatterjee ( the senior deciple of Pt. Nikhil Banerjee ). Mr. Chishty has a track record for his performances and recognitions not only in his home country but also in other countries including USA. Mr Chishty being a university graduate in psychology developed a unique method of teaching and transferring the most technical aspect of Indian Classical Music. Eventually, he succeeded in producing not only many Statewide but also Nationwide 1st. place award winner students..

Name: Daryush aka Dara
E-Mail: daryushbhai@yahoo.com
Field: Sitar and Surbahar
Address: San Joaquin Valley, CA.
Telephone: 209-649-2809
Misc. Info: Assalaam Alaiqum and Namaste. I am a shagrid of the late inimitable Ustad Vilayat Khan Saheb. I specialize in Vilayatkhani Baaz. I also specialize in doing Jawari, which i used to do for Abbaji, his genius nephew Ustad Shahid Parvez, Ustad Rais Khan Saheb, and many stalwart artists. I will teach anyone who is dedicated to learning. To those who cannot afford any fees I will teach free of charge. I live in the San Joaquin Valley, close to the Bay Area.

Name: Vishnu Tattva Das
E-Mail: officeodissivilas@gmail.com
Field: Odissi : Classical & Sacred Temple dance of India
Address: Berkeley and Fremont, CA
Telephone: 707 799 2521
Misc. Info: http://www.odissivilas.org/

Name: Pragya Dasgupta
E-Mail: pragya_dasgupta@yahoo.com
Field: Dance - Kathak, Rabindra Nritya, Folk Dances
Address: 34264 Tupelo St., Fremont, CA 94555
Telephone: (510) 894-3767 / (510) 610-5006
Misc. Info: Pragya Dasgupta, the founder of "TARANA", in Fremont, California , offers classes in Kathak with Theory lessons, Rabindra Nritya and Folk Dances for all age groups. Pragya is a Kathak "Praveen" from Allahabad University and the senior disciple of Nritya Shiromoni Guru Bandana Sen .

Name: Tom Dennehy
E-Mail: siditom@yahoo.com
Field: Hindustani Vocal
Address: 1025 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Telephone: 570-275-4039
Misc. Info: I am a student of Warren Senders (Boston) and Shreeram Devasthali (Pune). My guru was taught in the style of the Gwalior Ghrana by Gajananrao Joshi, but also sang Kirana and Jaipur styles as well. My fees are flexible and I don't turn people away for not having enough money.

Name: Rasika Deshpande
E-Mail: rasika_d@rediffmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi Classical Dance (Nrityakala Dance School)
Address: Folsom, CA, USA
Misc. Info: Rasika has a Masters in bharatanatyam from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mumbai. She has recieved training in Kuchipudi from Guru Jaya Rama Rao and Vanashree Rao and from Padmabhushan Guru Dr. Vempatti Chinna Satyam. Rasika has recieved her training in Bharatanatyam from Mrs. Meera Chandrashekharan, Nagpur.

Name: Asavari Devadiga
E-Mail: asavarid@gmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam Dance
Address: 2124 McKinley Avenue Berkeley, CA 94703
Telephone: 510 848 5129
Misc. Info: Bharatnatyam Teacher: Learnt from Guru Smt. Sucheta Bhide Chaphekar for 18 years. Completed Arangetram in 1990. Used to teach in Mumbai (India) for 5 years before moving to USA.

Name: June Dhar - Shibaranjani School of Dance
E-Mail: junedhar1@gmail.com
Field: Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam)
Address: East Bay/Bay Area
Telephone: +1 914-484-8201
Misc. Info: Please visit our website for class details: www.shibaranjani.org. June Dhar, Disciple of Dr. Neha Shah, has participated in numerous shows during the years of her dance education in Florida. She recently participated in 'Anvita', an adaptation of sleeping beauty in the form of Indian classical dancing, and has under her belt numerous other programs at prestigious venues in the New York area, since moving to New York in 2010. She choreographs and performs Indian classical and contemporary dance solo and in groups. Contact for group / private classes, choreography or performances.

Name: Rani Didi
E-Mail: Nadaom@aol.com
Field: Vocal
Address: Rainy Day P.O. Box 1250 Berkeley CA 94701
Telephone: (510) 649 0433
Misc. Info: www.Nadaom.com For teachings and C.D.'s Rani Didi is an excellent teacher of tone and voice quality. The focus is thru Saregam and reading Indian notation regardless of the student learning Easten or Western singing. Harmonium playing is also encouraged as one learns ones Bhajans, songs and Raga singing.

Name: Chaya Dwarkanath
E-Mail: chaya.dwarkanath@gmail.com
Field: Light music (Bhaavageethe) and Devaranama (Devotional songs)
Address: Fremont, Ca
Telephone: (480-628-2999)
Misc. Info: Free Classes

Name: Jay Gandhi
E-Mail: jay@jaygandhi.com
Field: Bansuri (North Indian classical bamboo flute)
Address: Berkeley, CA, USA
Telephone: 203 558 8014
Misc. Info: Jay Gandhi is a young and promising student of the world renowned master of bansuri, Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia. He has in the past also studied from many other greats of the world of bansuri such as Pt Ronu Majumdar, Pt Vijay Raghav Rao, and Pt Raghunath Seth. He is currently in California and available for performances and teaching. For more information please review his websites: www.jaygandhi.com and www.myspace.com/jaigandhi

Name: Geetha
E-Mail: gswamy@gmail.com
Field: Carnatic Vocal
Address: Menlo Park,CA,USA
Misc. Info: Teaching Carnatic vocal music for 8 years in the bayarea. South Indian Carnatic music vocal lessons in Palo Alto/Menlo Park or over Skype for kids (age: 4 and up ) and adults. Small group size in a friendly setup. Beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Carnatic classical or semi classical (vocal)

Name: Geetha Vidyalaya
E-Mail: geethavidyalaya@gmail.com
Field: Vocal, Veena
Address: 46826 Fernald St, Fremont, CA 94539
Telephone: (510) 809-7474
Misc. Info: Teaches Carnatic Music (Vocal & Veena) in Bay Area. Geetha Iyer has masters degree in Music from Trivandrum, Kerala, India. 20 years of experience in teaching Music. Geetha Iyer has been teaching Music to all age groups. Contact Geetha Iyer.

Name: Meera Gopalan
E-Mail: meera_gopalan2006@yahoo.com
Field: Carnatic Vocal
Address: Tracy, CA, USA
Telephone: 408-647-3590
Misc. Info: All level students are welcome. Kid must be 7 years and older and only group lessons will be offered for beginners. Adult classes are also forming. Please call for details and rate.

Name: Deva Govindu
E-Mail: devarajag@gmail.com
Field: Carnatic Vocal, Semi Classical, Light Music, Harmonium
Address: 655 S Fair Oaks Ave, K105 Sunnyvale, CA-94086
Telephone: 858-774-1203
Misc. Info: I've learnt Carnatic Classical from my Aunt and later continued my learning from Bhanu Kannan. I have been performing Light Music (Annamayya Kritis) and Devotional Songs at various temples in India and USA whenever got a chance. Interested in getting the opportunities as a Singer also gave performances at BATA (Bayarea Telugu Association) for their Telugu Karaoke programs. I learnt Harmonium/Keyboard on my own as a hobby and can play upto Pillari Geethams.

Name: Subhashini Gunapu
E-Mail: ragamala@gmail.com
Field: Music Instructor, Indian classical Karnatic vocal and instrument Veena
Address: Santa Clara, California
Telephone: 408.261.1944
Misc. Info: http://www.shubagunapu.com. Subhashini has 15 years of teaching and performing experience in the filed of Indian classical music and instrument Veena. Her first guru was her mother Shyamala with whom she began her vocal training at the age of five. She was fine-tuned by Guru Vidwan Ramachandra Rao. Concurrently, her Veena training began under the guidance of her Grand Father, Vidwan Gopinatha Das (founder of PAMPA) and continued with Smt. Usha Sastry.

Name: Bruce Hamm
E-Mail: BruceCHamm@gmail.com
Field: Sarod, Sitar, North Indian Vocal, all western instruments welcome
Address: San Francisco Bay Area, CA.
Telephone: 415-254-8071
Misc. Info: A long time tied disciple of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Bruce Hamm has performed on sarode extensively in the US and India, and played with many of India's leading musicians. He has 25 plus years experience teaching at the Ali Akbar College. This includes teaching both instrumental and vocal music in classes and private lessons. He teaches students of all levels and ages on both Indian and Western instruments. Available for concerts and teaching. www.brucehamm.com

Name: India Aangan Bollywood Dance
E-Mail: srg@soon.com
Field: Bollywood/ Folk / Semi_Classical / Fusion/ Creative Dance
Address: Fremont, Newark, and Union City
Telephone: (510) 371-8389
Misc. Info: Instructor Sunita Raj has professional training and 10+ years experience teaching all ages including adults. Sunita and her students have won many awards including the FIA and FOGANA. Classes are currently offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Small group lessons, private lessons, choreography for Wedding/Birthday parties, and costume rentals are also offered.

Name: Kala Iyer
E-Mail: kalaiyer1@yahoo.com
Field: Carnatic Vocal
Address: 512 Revival Terrace Fremont, CA 94536
Telephone: (516) 796-5252
Misc. Info: Teach all levels of Carnatic Classical Vocal Music in Fremont.

Name: Nityalakshmi Iyer
E-Mail: nitya84arun@gmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam & Carnatic music
Address: Pleasanton, California
Telephone: (925) 480-7507
Misc. Info: Nityalakshmi Iyer is a versatile artist and has a Masters in Performing Arts in Bharatanatyam from Nalanda Kala Mahavidyalaya under the tutelage of Padmabhushan Dr. Smt. Kanak Rele. She is the proud recipient of many Awards and Scholarships, especially the coveted 'Government of India Scholarship' by the Ministry of Culture and the Nehru Center Scholarship. She has trained around 200 students till date.

Name: Lakshmi Jagadish
E-Mail: lakshmi.jagadish@gmail.com
Field: Vocal, Veena, Guitar, Keyboard
Address: Sacramento
Misc. Info: An All India Radio Artist, Teaching music for the last 20 years. Daughter and Disciple of Neyveli. Smt. Gomathi Krishnamurthy, AIR, Artist.

Name: Madhuri Jalawadi
E-Mail: madhuri.jalawadi@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Pleasanton, CA, USA
Telephone: 925 699 0678
Misc. Info: Have been playing tabla for bhajans, songs and semi classical music and Solo performance. Tabla lessons for Adult and Kids beginners in tri valley.

Name: Janani Jayakumar - Narthana - School of Bharathanatyam
E-Mail: jayakumar.janani@gmail.com
Field: Dance
Address: Fremont (Bay area), California - 94587
Telephone: 510) 972 3494
Misc. Info: Govt. Of Tamil Nadu certified performer and instructor Choreographer and instructor for over 7 years Professionally trained in Nattuvangam Won titles "Natya Chudaroli" and "Nrithya Niranjani" for excellence Given several performances under various banners in India and USA Performed in popular Indian television channels Classes conducted for all ages, gender and levels. Website: www.jananijayakumar.com

Name: Jayendra Kalakendra
E-Mail: sugandaiyer@comcast.net
Field: Bharatanatyam
Address: Classes in San Jose * Fremont * and Santa Clara
Telephone: 408 270 9295
Misc. Info: Smt. Suganda Sreenath teaches Bharatanatyam in the traditional Kalakshetra style along with theory. New classes begin in September. For registration details please send email to sugandaiyer@comcast.net or visit our website www.sugandasreenath.com

Name: Vidyalatha Jeerage
E-Mail: vjeerage@gmail.com
Field: Bharatanatyam and Indian folk dances
Address: 19500 Pruneridge Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014
Telephone: 408-507-0892
Misc. Info: Please visit www.vidyalatha.com

Name: Shweta Jhaveri (Cosmic Khayals)
E-Mail: CosmicKhayals@juno.com
Field: North Indian (Hindustani) vocal music
Address: POB 2957, San Anselmo, CA.94979.USA.
Telephone: 415 - 454 - 1368
Misc. Info: For Information on Shweta Jhaveri music, please refer to www.ShwetaJhaveri.com

Name: M.C. Jyothi
E-Mail: mcjyothi@yahoo.co.in
Field: Veena
Address: 3330, Country Drive, #40, Fremont, CA 94536
Telephone: (510) 795 1134
Misc. Info: Initially trained by sri Dhananjaya and then by Vidwan B.R.Sridhar and later by Vidushi Veenai Jayanthi Kumaresh.Have won many prizes and awards in India and performed as an AIR artiste for the past 10 years.Have recently moved to Fremont. I wish to teach veena for the beginners also.

Name: Kalaikoil, Swetha Dixit
E-Mail: swethadixit@comcast.net
Field: Bharatanatyam, Carnatic vocal & Vedic Chanting
Address: Kalaikoil Arts of India, 6715-J, Dublin Blvd, Dublin, Ca 94568
Telephone: 925 487-2671
Misc. Info: Please visit www.kalaikoil.com for information about our instructors & classes.

Name: Kalaniketan School Of Indian Music and Dance
E-Mail: s_preets@hotmail.com
Field: Carnatic music, Bharatanatyam
Address: 20823 Elenda Dr, Cupertino, CA-95014
Telephone: (408)446-4974 ; (408)260-9733
Misc. Info: Preetha has been in the field of Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam for over 25 yrs. She has had training in Carnatic Music under Smt. Kalyani Seshadri, Sri. A.S. Panchapakesha Iyer, Smt. T.R. Balamani, Smt. Radha Warriar, Isai Peroli Smt. S. Sowmya. She studied Bharatanatyam under renowned gurus like Smt. Jayshree Nair, Smt. Gayatri Subramaniam, Sri. G.V. Ramani and Late Smt. Ranganayaki Ramani. Preetha was formerly a lecturer at San Jose State University, School Of Music and Dance. Please call to discuss fees and class schedule.

Name: Kalanjali Dances of India
E-Mail: kalanjaliusa@aol.com
Field: Bharatanatyam and Folk Dances
Address: Berkeley, Lafayette, and Sacramento
Telephone: (510) 526-2183
Misc. Info: Kalanjali was founded by Kalakshetra K.P, Kunhiraman and his wife Katherine in 1975. the school has grown from strength to strength over more than 35 years. Kunhiraman is retired, and lives in India but the classes go on under the able direction of Katherine who studied first in Calcutta, then at Kalakshetra and then for six years with the Dhananjayans at Bharatakalanjali - a total of twelve years of immersion in the dance and the culture.Our classes follow a fairly traditional Kalakshetra syllabus, with theory included as time allows. Fifty years of continuous contact with the world of dance in India, and on-going relationships with the dancers all over the world allow senior students to further their experience with the best of India's dance talent. Please call for class times and locations. Now holding classes in Berkeley, Lafayette, and Sacramento for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Name: Mahesh Kale
E-Mail: mahesh@maheshkale.com
Field: Hindusthani / North Indian Classical Vocal
Address: 1159, La Rochelle Terrace # B, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Telephone: +1(408) 940 5390
Misc. Info: Mahesh Kale is a talented vocalist of North Indian Classical Music and a disciple of the illustrious guru Padmashree Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki. Endowed with a rich resonant voice, Mahesh's performances are marked by an excellent command over both the rhythm and the melody. Mahesh has performed extensively in India and abroad and has appeared on television and radio on many occasions. For music lessons, contact information and further details, please check out www.maheshkale.com

Name: Kalpakam Srinivas
E-Mail: kalpakam@yahoo.com
Field: Karnatik Classical Vocal
Address: 894 Maranta Ave Sunnyvale CA 94087
Misc. Info: Well versed in South Indian Classical music, Devotional songs. Can teach Soundarya Lahari and Sahasranamas of Devi, Vishnu.

Name: Nithya Kartikeyan
E-Mail: nithikarthee@yahoo.com
Field: South Indian Classical Music (Vocal)
Address: Sunnyvale, CA
Telephone: (415)-349-7451
Misc. Info: Those who are interested in learning classical music can contact the above phone number.

Name: Alam Khan
E-Mail: alamsarode@gmail.com
Field: Sarod, Sitar, Vocal, Guitar, Violin
Address: Ali Akbar College of Music 215 West End Ave. San Rafael, CA 94901
Telephone: 415-847-6407
Misc. Info: Alam Khan, son of the late legendary Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, began studying under his father at the age of seven. He has been performing Sarod around the world for the past 18 years and is the teacher of advanced instrumental and vocal studies at the Ali Akbar College of Music. Alam teaches both in person and online in both private and group settings.

Name: Pandit Habib Khan
E-Mail: sanjana@peopledynamicsintl.com
Field: Sitar, Vocal, Tabla
Address: Classes held in San Jose, Cupertino, Mountain View, Palo Alto and Fremont
Telephone: 650-255-9752
Misc. Info: Pandit Habib Khan is a well known performer. He has performed with Zakhir Hussain, Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Swapan Chaudhri and many other great artists. Sitar, Vocal, and Tabla classes for adults and children.

Name: Varsha Ajay Kohirkar
E-Mail: varsha.kohirkar@yahoo.com
Field: Indian classical, Semiclassical, Folk, Bollywood, Devotional, Classical and fusion music
Address: Q307 apt, Monteclaire, 450N Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale. 94085
Telephone: 650 996 6315
Misc. Info: I have been learning Indian Classical music for 10 to 12 years. I have won many competitions not only of Indian Classical music but also of semiclassical, bollywood, devotional music. I have also performed in many prestigious shows. I have got my training of Indian classical music from Pt Shubhada Paradkar.

Name: Subiksha Kothandaraman
E-Mail: subiksha.kothandaraman@yahoo.com
Field: Carnatic vocal
Address: Santa Clara, CA, USA
Telephone: 408 744 6071
Misc. Info: Smt. K Subiksha has had her musical training under Smt. Lalitha Sivakumar for the past 14 years and her music reflects the D.K. Pattammal bani with clear diction and perfect sruthi alignment. Subiksha has won various awards and prizes including the best vocalist award from Sri Parthasarathy swami sabha. She is also a recipient of the Bharat Kalachar scholarship and is a Graded artist of the All India Radio. Subiksha has been performing widely all over india and abroad. A chemical engineer by profession, Subiksha is currently pursuing music as her full time career. SaReGaMa has recently released an audio CD titled Thulasidala in Dec-2011 with 6 songs by Subiksha. She also takes online classes all over USA and Canada. Website: www.about.me/subiksha Youtube concert video: https://www.youtube.com/bvaidyan Audio CD : http://www.rhythmhouse.in/Detail.aspx?productListing=105355

Name: Sapna Kotwaliwale
E-Mail: dr_sapna@hotmail.com
Field: Bharat Natyam
Address: Sunnyvale, Ca, USA
Telephone: (408) 836 7850
Misc. Info: www.trishnakala.com

Name: Kerry Kriger, Ph.D.
E-Mail: kerry@indianflutemusic.com
Field: Bansuri
Address: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Misc. Info: I studied bansuri from Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao for about 10 years. I can give lessons, and am also happy to practice with any interested tabla player. Website: - http://indianflutemusic.com/kerry-kriger

Name: Prema Krishnamurthy
E-Mail: kumaragruha@yahoo.com
Field: Sloka and Devotional Music
Address: Pleasanton, CA, USA
Misc. Info: Teacher is from Mysore, and has over 30 years of sloka and devotional music instruction experience. The following listing is not all inclusive, but gives an idea of the variety of instructional material that is available: * Devotional Devaranamas * Bhavageethe / Bhakthigeethe * Devotional songs, slokas and bhajans like; o Jayadeva"s Ashtapadis, o Adi Shankaracharya's - Lalitha Sahasranamam, - Shamaladandakam, - Soundarya Lahiri, - Mantra Matruka Pushpa Maalam, - Adithya Hrudayam - Sowbhagya Panchadashi, etc. Contact to enquire about any special slokas or devotional music. Please contact for scheduling, fees and customizing instruction.

Name: Dr. Rohan Krishnamurthy
E-Mail: rohan@rohanrhythm.com
Field: Mridangam, Ghatam, Kanjira, vocal percussion, bhajan and kirtan drumming, cross-musical drumming, theory, and composition.
Address: San Francisco, CA, USA.
Misc. Info: Acclaimed an "international performer and promoter" of the South Indian drum, the mridangam, by USA Today, and "Pride of India" by The Times of India, Rohan received advanced mridangam training from maestro Guruvayur Dorai. He has performed in hundreds of concerts with world-renowned artists, spearheaded new cross-musical collaborations, presented Indian percussion institutes and lectures, received prestigious international awards, and patented a drumhead tensioning system. Rohan's multifaceted accomplishments as a performer, composer, educator, researcher, and entrepreneur earned him a private meeting and performance for the President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam. Rohan earned a Ph.D. in musicology from the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester. More info is available at www.rohanrhythm.com.

Name: Krithiga Chandhrasekhar
E-Mail: krithiga81@yahoo.com
Field: Indian Carnatic Music
Address: 21568 Rosario Ave Cupertino CA 95014
Telephone: 408-446-0830
Misc. Info: Classes are individual, group or at your home.

Name: Kukoo Bhai
E-Mail: kukoobhai@gmail.com
Field: (tabla, Hindustani Classical / Ghazals)
Address: (San Francisco, CA )
Misc. Info: http://www.kukoogsingh.com - Tabla in recent years has gained popularity in a variety of genres and is now widely used from styles as diverse as Jazz, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Traditional Indian Classical, and many more!! Please check out the above website for audio samples, photos, video, and contact information. Whether you hope to gain Tabla experience or simply would like to maintain accompaniment, many styles of Tabla are available for your instruction. Additionally if you are interested in North Indian Classical music, Ghazals, Bhangra, DJ, or any other genre please get in touch. Thank you!

Name: Heera Kulkarni
E-Mail: academyraga@gmail.com
Field: Hindustani-Vocal
Address: Sacramento & Elk Grove, CA
Telephone: (916)-686-5785
Misc. Info: Twenty years of dedicated & skillful music teaching experience and 18 years of public school teaching experience with MA in Education. Sangeet Visharad from Gandharv Mahavidyalay, New Delhi. Offering classes in Elk Grove, Sacramento, Folsom & Rancho Cardova area for children and adults in North Indian classical vocal, devotional music, ghazals, plus instruction in harmonium & keyboard. Exams offered in classical vocal music with affiliation from Gandharv Mahavidyalay, India. Attention is given to each student in small groups. One on one classes available. Online classes for students in remote areas. Available for concerts, lecture / demonstrations in Hindustani music, and story-telling with Indian music. Register now for all levels. Registration is ongoing all year for ages 5 to adults. More information is available at Website: www.heerakulkarni.com. Also visit and like the Raga Academy Facebook page today at - https://www.facebook.com/RagaAcademyofIndianMusic

Name: Yogita Kulkarni
E-Mail: yogita.kulkarni82@gmail.com
Field: Bharat Natyam
Address: Sunnyvale, California
Telephone: (408)-477-5990
Misc. Info: M. F. A. In Bharata Natyam from Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya founded by Dr. Kanak Rele, affiliated to Mumbai University.Has worked as Head of Department (dance) at Sangeet Abhinay Academy for 3 years and Structural School of Fine Arts, Bangalore for 4 years. Has choreographed for several schools, groups and social organizations. Now working as Bharata Natyam instructor in Sunnyvale Community Center.

Name: Mythili Kumar
E-Mail: abdanceco@gmail.com
Field: Bharatanatyam
Address: 4950 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 105, San Jose, CA 95130
Telephone: 408-871-5959
Misc. Info: Mythili Kumar, Artistic Director Abhinaya Dance Company. For more info check www.abhinaya.org

Name: Jyothi Lakkaraju
E-Mail: jlakkaraju@yahoo.com
Field: Kuchipudi
Address: 21844 Hermosa Ave Cupertino CA 95014
Telephone: (408) 873-7443
Misc. Info: Jyothi Lakkaraju is a Kuchipudi artist in the Bay Area. She recieved her initial instruction from the renowned Guru Sri Chinta RadhaKrishna Murthy and later mastered the art under the guidence of Dr.Uma Rama Rao. As an accomplished artist in her home state Andhra Pradesh, she has performed all over India, South East Asia and United States. She is a recipient of numerous awards, prizes, and titles including "Singara Mani", in recognition of her talents. She started her dance career in the Bay Area with Abhinaya Dance Company. She has given many performances to aid various humanitarian causes here in the Bay Area. Apart from performing, she is an accomplished teacher of this art for the last 12 years in the Bay Area.

Name: Joanna Mack
E-Mail: joannamack@gmail.com
Field: Sitar
Address: Freemont
Telephone: (510) 229-7497
Misc. Info: Joanna Mack is available for teaching students of all ages and levels in the traditions of the Maihar Gharana. joannamack.com

Name: Madhuri Kishore Kuchipudi Dance School
E-Mail: madhuri_k23@yahoo.com
Field: Kuchipudi
Address: 10657 Larry Way, Cupertino, CA -95014
Telephone: 408-517-9860
Misc. Info: Madhuri Kishore was initiated in the divine dance form of Kuchipudi at a tender age of five by Guru Padmavalli. She was further trained in this art form by Guru Bharani shankar, Guru Dr.Uma Rama Rao. Madhuri Kishore has given hundreds of performances all over India, and United States. She has recieved several awards, prizes in recognition of her excellence. Apart from performing, she is also an accomplished dance teacher. She started the dance school to spread our indian culture and heritage through dance. She is well known for her patience and being extremely student-friendly. She trains her disciples in Guru Shishya Parampara style. Every student gets her personal attention. Her creative choreography brings out the dance theme alive with beautiful expressions and her own unique elegant steps.

Name: Rohini Mahesh
E-Mail: raga.rohini@gmail.com
Field: Indian Classical Carnatic Vocal Music
Address: California (East Bay Area), USA
Misc. Info: Rohini has trained in Classical Carnatic Music under the able tutelage of Sringeri Asthana Vidwan Palghat GURU Sri T.S. Anantharaman for 20 years. She started learning music at the age of 6 and has been a student of Sri Naada Brahmam Music School, Chembur, Mumbai, India since 1988. Currently she pursues a Bachelors in Music (B.Music) from the University of Madras. She has also completed a module training in 'Tirupugazh' under 'Tirupugazh' Specialist Sri Balasubramaniam, along with a module training in 'Rhythm and 'Konnakol' under Percussion Specialist and teacher Sri. T.S. Nandakumar in the year 2007. Rohini is a classical Carnatic Vocalist and can be contacted at her email address raga.rohini@gmail.com.

Name: William Mattu
E-Mail: willmattu313@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Sacramento CA
Telephone: 916-519-9746
Misc. Info: Punjab Gharana Tabla, Well-Known for Ghazels & Geet & Bhajans.

Name: Pallavi Mehta
E-Mail: pallavimmehta@gmail.com
Field: Sitar, Harmonium, Key board, Vocal
Address: 1029 "D" Stree HAyward. CAlifornia 94541
Misc. Info: person to person as well as on line world wide. www.sitarguru.com

Name: Vishan Menon
E-Mail: vishanmenon1996@gmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: San Ramon, CA. USA
Telephone: 925-208-1088
Misc. Info: Vishan Menon has been a student of tabla since 2008. He is a student of Shri. Satish Tare, and now continues to study tabla as a disciple of Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, renowned maestro of the Farrukabad Gharana. Vishan also receives guidance in accompaniment from Pt. Partha Chatterjee, accomplished sitarist of the Maihar gharana. Vishan is a Visharad from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, and is attending San Jose State University, where he is pursuing a degree in Computer Science.

Name: Dr. Madhuwanti Mirashi
E-Mail: msmirashi@hotmail.com
Field: Hindustani Classical and light - vocal, Music appreciation, Voice culture, Naad Yoga - Meditation with music, Morning & evening traditional sanskrit prayers set to rag and taal, Instrumental - Tabla, Harmonium, Keyboard, available for performance for all occassions
Address: San Jose Area
Telephone: 408-246-1643
Misc. Info: Disciple of Pandit Omkarnath Thakur, Doctorate from Banaras Hindu University

Name: Manapragada Srinivasa Murthy
E-Mail: manepro@yahoo.com
Field: Folk Music
Address: 870, East El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, California
Telephone: 408-732-6503
Misc. Info: learned folk music and songs from renowed international folk singer late shri.manapragada narasimha murthy, presently doing research on the folklore and writing the biography of my guru late shri. Manapragada Narasimha Murthy. oraganised and performed in many international folk programmes in india and UK, given performances in television (doordarshan), All India Radio, Hyderabad, India. :I wish to dedicate my life to uplift the folklore by training the people who really have that zeal of learning the folk music.

Name: Anuradha Nag
E-Mail: tarangini@sbcglobal.net
Field: Kathak
Address: 4776 McCoy Avenue, San Jose CA 95130
Telephone: 408-374-8017
Misc. Info: Tarangini School of Kathak Dance was established by Smt.Anuradha Nag who is a student of Padmavibhusan Pt. Birju Maharaj and Pt. Vijai Shankar. Classes in Kathak are offered�for all age groups in the San Fransisco Bay Area.

Name: Nikhil Naidu
E-Mail: learntoplaytabla@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Sacramento, CA 95832, USA
Telephone: 916-606-4185
Misc. Info: I started playing at age 13 learning from Guru Ji Bhaskra Nand at the Fiji Indian Cultural Center (Fiji Islands). I took formal lessons from 1993 till 1998. I have been since playing on my own and expanding my knowledge by practicing along with various types of music genres and artists. I have performed on stage many times and even played on the radio. If you are interested in learning then contact me and we will discuss your learning needs and costs involved. Multiple students and one-on-one basis is available. Website - www.thenikhilmix.webs.com. Facebook - Taal & Sur: The Nikhil Mix

Name: Sangita Nandy
E-Mail: sangita_nandy@yahoo.com
Field: Kathak
Address: 4250 Albany Dr. #F105 San Jose CA 95129
Telephone: (408) 2443350, (408) 4166874
Misc. Info: A leading student of Kathak maestro Nritya Shiromoni Guru Bandana Sen, Sangita is a dance choreographer, performer, and educator of the North Indian classical dance, Kathak in bay area. Now enrolling new students ( Beginners )

Name: Sunita Mathur Narain
E-Mail: manu_us01@yahoo.com
Field: Hindustani Vocal
Address: 201 Glenwood Circle Apt 20 F,Monterey Pines Monterey, CA,93940
Telephone: 831-274-2786
Misc. Info: Claases are available on weekends in Hindustani Classical vocal University style, Folk Music, Light Music for all.

Name: Debankur Naskar
E-Mail: debankur@gmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 2656, Mission Greens Dr; San Jose; CA - 95148
Telephone: (408)464-8709
Misc. Info: Student of Pt. Swapan Chaudhuri

Name: Rakhi R Nath
E-Mail: info@sarangischoolofmusic.com
Field: Carnatic Music Classes
Address: Dublin, California 94568
Telephone: 415 361 8321
Misc. Info: For More details visit www.sarangischoolofmusic.com. Rakhi R Nath started learning carnatic music from the age of eight years under the guidance of Sri Chandramana Narayanan Nambootiri. After her arangattom at the age of 12, she have given carnatic concerts in more than 100 stages in India and overseas. Rakhi was the winner of carnatic music and kadhakali sangeetam at Mahatma Gandhi University Youth Festival in 2004 and the Yesudas Augustine trophy competition in 1998. And she learned Hindustani music from Ustad Fayaz Khan and Mohan Kumar.

Name: Nataraja Nrityalaya
E-Mail: nataraja_nrityalaya@yahoo.com
Field: Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi
Address: 4084 Teale Ave, San Jose, CA-95117
Telephone: 510-870-0416 / 408-249-4594
Misc. Info:Looking for a good dance teacher? Have a passion for dancing? Whether you are an adult wanting to learn that you missed out as a child or a Mom aspiring for a child to be a great dancer or a child aspiring to be a great dancer, you have a wonderful, accomplished Dance teacher looking forward to teaching you.Madhavi Mynampati, a National level dancer, with MA in Dance, is currently teaching Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam classes in Fremont, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, San Jose areas and has openings for adults and kids. She is the disciple of the great dancer and teacher Dr.Uma Ramarao, who created many accomplished dancers. For more details, contact Madhavi at 510-870-0416 or at nataraja_nrityalaya@yahoo.com

Name: Madan Oak
E-Mail: madanoak@aol.com
Field: Indian Classical Instrumental Music - Santoor
Address: 5760 Newfields Lane Dublin CA 94568
Telephone: (925)-556-9611
Misc. Info: Madan is a disciple of the world renowned Santoor Maestro Pandit Shivkumar Sharma. Madan has been studying Indian classical music for more than 16 years. Madan was born in Pune, the cultural capitol of Maharashtra. Madan has a Masters degree in Physics and has majored in Computer management. Before studying classical instrumental music Madan studied light music and used to sing Marathi & Hindi songs and played Tabla. After being astonished by a live performance of his Guru Pandit Shivkumar Sharma at a concert in Pune, Madan decided to take up learning Indian classical Music. Madan has bagged many college, University and city level awards in the classical music competitions. Madan had received the All India Radio National Best Instrumentalist award in the year 1986 for which he was awarded the "B" level gradation on AIR.

Name: Steve Oda
E-Mail: steve_oda@hotmail.com
Field: Sarod, Sitar, Hindustani Vocal, guitar and other stringed instruments
Address: 145 DuBois St. San Rafael, CA 94901
Telephone: 415-453-8033
Misc. Info: 35 years teaching and performing Indian classical music around the world. A disciple of the legendary Maestro Ali Akbar Khan and representing the Senia Maihar Gharana, Steve has additional background information, music and video samples on his website: www.steveoda.com

Name: Abhinay Padhye
E-Mail: apadhye@cisco.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 1007, Craig Drive San Jose CA 95129
Telephone: 408 252 2281
Misc. Info: Abhinay Padhye is an accomplished Tabla artist. He has accompanied many noted artists and has given solo performances. He started learning Tabla from Shree Nana Mulye and then Pt. Bhai Gaitonde in Mumbai. He is currently studying Tabla under Pandit Swapan Chaudhary at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California. He also has been teaching Tabla to a number of aspiring students in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Name: Sanjeev Rao Palamand
E-Mail: sanjeev.palamand2107@gmail.com
Field: Mridangam, Konnakkol, Carnatic
Address: 1346 The Alameda, San Jose, California 95126
Telephone: +1 6692631423
Misc. Info: I am a performing artiste on the Mridangam and Konnakkol and a student of Vid. Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma from Bangalore. I conduct classes in Mridangam and Konnakkol for beginner's level and advanced level on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am also looking forward to collaborate with musicians in the bay area. Please contact me for more details.

E-Mail: pampans@pampans.com
Field: Dance & Music
Address: Pampa Dance Academy, 520 Lawrence Expressway, Suite #311, Sunnyvale, Ca 94085
Telephone: 408-24-DANCE
Misc. Info: PAMPA, Prabath Academy for Music & performing Arts, offers classes in Bharatha Natyam, Kathak, Music and percussion. http://www.pampans.com

Name: Nikhil Pandya
E-Mail: pnikhil@hotmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: SF Bay Area
Telephone: 415-205-9630.
Misc. Info: Nikhil Pandya started learning tabla at an early age in Valsad, India with late Shri Prem Shankar Nayak. He since has had the opportunity to learn from several tabla players. In 1990 Nikhil met Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri and has been his student since. In addition to performing in the Bay Area, Nikhil teaches at the Sangeetaanjali Institute of Music in Fremont, CA.

Name: Nikita Parikh
E-Mail: info@niknatmusic.com
Field: North Indian classical music
Address: Fremont, Ca
Telephone: 510-770-9414
Misc. Info: Nikita teaches indian music to kids and have published a music book for children. For more info please visit us at www.niknatmusic.com Gana Bajana - Book Summary -Gana Bajana is the first ever book of Hindi Songs for children in English, with a complementing music guide in Hindustani notations (Sa, Re, Ga) and Western sheet music. It provides a step-by-step method for singing and playing songs, introducing ten simple Hindi songs for young children and novice learners of instruments such as piano or electronic keyboard. An English translation is also provided for each song. For some songs, the Indian classical raga on which the composition is based is noted, thus introducing everyone to the theory of Indian classical music.

Name: Pt. Binay Pathak
E-Mail: binaybalram@yahoo.com
Field: Classical Vocal, Sitar, Tabla
Address: Sacramento, California, U. S.
Telephone: 916-995-6499
Misc. Info: Website - www.sohinisangeet.org. Pandit Binay Pathak, is the son of the late Pandit Balram Pathak, legendary Indian sitarist and contemporary of Vilayat Khan and Ravi Shankar. Pt. Binay Pathak teaches the style of his gharana, a sitar and vocal lineage, whose music has been instilled from teacher to student continuously for over 500 years. He is an established singer of Classical Raag, Light Classical Thumri, poetic Ghazal, and devotional Bhajan. Pt. Pathak is an award winning music director, and classical artist with All India Radio and Television. He has performed at prestigious music festivals such as Dover Lane, and Tansen Music Conference with artists such as Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Kishori Amonkar, Ustad Alla Rakha and Zakir Hussain and has been awarded Surmani. Pt. Pathak has established a music school in Sacramento, California, Sohini Sangeet Academy, where he teaches his students the deep knowledge of Hindustani Classical Raga.

Name: Sunita Pendekanti
E-Mail: Sunita_pendekanti@yahoo.com
Field: Kuchipudi
Address: Bay Area
Misc. Info: Sunita Pendekanti's "Kuchipudi Art Centre" was started in 1997. This school has produced two major dance dramas " Mohini Bhasmasura" and " Mahishasura Mardhini" with the bay area's leading kuchipudi dancers and have performed across the united states with the troupe. The school philosophy is to train young dancers in the field of kuchipudi art stressing on abhinaya and lasya and also to help understand the theory behind Kuchipudi art form . The school has conducted several Kuchipudi workshops for the students in the bay area. The students produced from this school have won several awards in classical dance at several major festivals conducted by local and national cultural associations.

Name: Srimathy Prakash
E-Mail: jillu156@gmail.com
Field: Carnatic Music VOCAL
Address: Novato, CA-94947
Telephone:628 236 9663
Misc. Info: I Am currently located in Novato, CA. I am a Masters degree holder in vocal music with 10 years of teaching experience. I am good teaching raga Alapana, neraval, kalpana swaram. I have been doing Kutcheries back in India even from my early age. Willing to do concerts to spread the joy of music.

Name: Supriya Puranik
E-Mail: nrityabhakti@yahoo.com
Field: Bharatanatyam Dancer, Teacher
Address: Bay Area, California
Telephone: 408-666-7422
Misc. Info: Academics B. A and M. A. in Indian classical dance from Pune University. Kathak Visharad from Gandharv Maha Vidyalay. Artistic dance teacher of Nrityabhakti Dance Academy. Nrityabhakti Dance academy is offering Bharatanatyam, semi Classical & Folk dance classes in the South & East Bay area, California.

Name: Tahir Hussein Qawwal
E-Mail: waradafuqara@yahoo.com
Field: Qawwali, vocal, tabla/dhamma, Harmonium
Address: Grass Valley
Telephone: (510)684-1956 or (530)292-3528
Misc. Info: Private lessons available 25$/hr. Tahir Qawwal has been studying in Pakistan under the beloved Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Available for qawwali mehfil, concerts, gatherings, workshops... Leader of the Fanna-Fi-Allah Qawwali party.

Name: Nikhila Radhakrishna
E-Mail: Nikhilaradhakrishna12@gmail.com
Field: Carnatic classical music (vocal and flute)
Address: Palo Alto, California
Telephone: 562-541-2810
Misc. Info: I have done my vidwat in classical music vocal and flute. I have given many concerts in Bangalore.I have taught music to about 50 people in Bangalore. If there is vacancy for the Classical music teacher, Please let me know.I can send you my youtube links of my performances if you wish to hear.

Name: Prasant Radhakrishnan
E-Mail: prasant@prasantmusic.com
Field: Carnatic - Saxophone
Address: San Francisco Bay Area
Telephone: 510-343-6308
Misc. Info: Prasant Radhakrishnan is a prodigy of saxophone in Carnatic music. The senior disciple of Dr. Kadri Gopalnath, he has performed internationally and is critically acclaimed. Please see www.prasantmusic.com for information about his music, concert bookings and more.

Name: Raagavihaara School of Carnatic music - Gayatri Kalluru
E-Mail: raagavihaara@gmail.com
Field: Indian classical - Carnatic vocal
Address:San Fransisco Bay Area, CA or online from anywhere.
Telephone: 650-477-2567 or 203 828 0041
Misc. Info: I was professionally trained in Carnatic music at Dwaram Venkataswami Naidu Kalakshetram, Visakhapatnam and have a degree from Andhra University. i also learnt it from direct disciples of sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy Garu. I also have good experience in teaching music (10+years) In-person classes are conducted for both beginners and advance level students(both children and adults) .Students here learn carnatic music in a methodical, professional and interesting way. Phone / internet/skype classes are offered only for ages (above5 years). Personal attention, printed notes, and pre recorded excellent quality voice recordings of lessons as mp3s will be given to each and every student for practice.

Name: Anaga Ramaswami
E-Mail: anagar06@yahoo.co.in
Field: Carnatic Vocal Music
Address: 946, Tamarack Lane, #13 Sunnyvale CA-94086
Telephone: 650-353-3989
Misc. Info: I have 21 years of experience in Vocal music. I am an MA music graduate from Madras University. I am a B-High Graded artiste from All India Radio in India. I have given over 60 performances in India. Has won over 50 prizes in music competitions. I got a scholarship for 10 years from CCRT and for 2 years from Government of India. I have not hosted any website yet. I can teach carnatic music to those who are interested. I will be in the U.S. for 6 months. Presently my current visa status does not allow me to earn any income. However I would like to be compensated for the transport.

Name: Amrita Rao
E-Mail: amritarao1@gmail.com
Field: Hindustani Classical, Semi-classical/light classical (kannada bhavageete, bhaktigeete, vachana, marathi abhangs, bhajans etc.)
Address: Sunnyvale, California
Telephone: +1 650 660 5217
Misc. Info: Amrita is a B high grade artiste and a regular performer at the All India Radio. She has been associated with Shankar Mahadevan Academy as a music tutor for two years and now independently takes music classes online and offline for students of all ages. At a very young age, Amrita sought the tutelage of Pt. Parameshwar Hegde, a renowned artiste and guru who sculpted and refined her vocal abilities; she seeks his expert guidance to this very day. Her first audio CD 'Aagam' featuring ragas Gurjari Todi & Maru Bihag has been recently released and well received by music connoisseurs and general public. Apart from classical music, Amrita has also given performance of various other forms of music such as light classical music in various states of India.

Name: William Rossel
E-Mail: william.rossel.tabla@gmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: SF Bay Area/Marin County
Telephone: 415-261-0483
Misc. Info: Disciple of Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. Earned a Masters Degree in Tabla Performance from the California Institute of the Arts. Currently studying at the Ali Akbar College of Music. Lessons at your home, all over the Bay Area, or at my home in Marin county. Visit website: www.williamrossel.com for more information.

Name: S. Jagadish
E-Mail: Lakshmi.jagadish@gmail.com
Field: Mridangam
Address: Sacramento
Misc. Info: Teaching Mirudangam in the Greater Sacramento Area. Disciple of the Great Mirudangam Mastero Neyveli R. Narayanan.

Name: Hamsini Sankaran
E-Mail: hamsini0992@gmail.com
Field: Indian classical music, light music, film music
Address: San Jose
Telephone: 6692046029
Misc. Info: I am a trained classical singer. I have learnt classical music for the past 12 years under Sri S.P. Ramh who is a disciple of Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman sir. I have given many classical concerts when I was in Inida and won several prizes in Indian classical music.I was an active member of the college music band and I have given many performances. Also, I have released an album titled" Karppom Karpippom" to promote education in rural India in collaboration with Hip-Hop Thamizha pop team. I am very much interested in taking classical lessons in a grammatical format as taught by my teacher Sri S.P.Ramh. Kindly let me know, if there are any opportunities for me. I would be available during the weekend.

Name: Neel Sarkar
E-Mail: neel@neels-nirvana.com
Field: Vocal Music
Address: Fremont, California
Telephone: 510-396-5434
Misc. Info: http://www.neels-nirvana.com. Beginner's Hindustani classical Vocal training, voice training , music meditation , light songs and geets, bollywood singing

Name: Samidha Satyam
E-Mail: samidha_satyam@yahoo.com
Field: Kuchipudi
Address: 41403, Timber Creek Terrace Fremont CA-94539
Telephone: 510-432-0008
Misc. Info: Samidha Satyam one of the prominent exponent of Guru Padmabhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam. She is an accomplished young artiste who has given performances in India and abroad like UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Southafrica, Singapore and almost toured all over the world. The Guinness World Records was achieved during the International kuchipudi convention held in Cupertino CA on 21st June 2008. She completed her dance degree in Kuchipudi dance from P.S. Telugu University, India.

Name: School of Indian Arts
E-Mail: guru@schoolofindianarts.com
Field: Carnatic Vocal and Bharatnatyam
Address: Fremont, CA
Misc. Info: Classes offered for Indian classical music and dance, accepting all levels (beginner, intermediate and Adult)

Name: Dr. Ragasree Sen
E-Mail: ragasreesen@gmail.com
Field: Rabindra Sangeet and Dhrupadi style music [Music Performer and Trainer]
Address: Fremont, CA or Santa Barbara, CA
Telephone: (408) 431-1330
Misc. Info: I am interested in performing Music in Cultural Conferences and tutoring Music to young students. I am passionate about Music [especially Dhrupadi style and Rabindra Sangeet] and I teach Music to masters students in India. My LinkedIn profile is in.linkedin.com/pub/ragasree-sen/26/782/422 . Couple of songs from my Recordings : http://m.youtube.com/watch?amp;v=rOkv8pR_w5s&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DrOkv8pR_w5s. My Background: I belong to the family of famous Indian musician Rai Chand Boral and I inherited music from my father Nemai Chand Bural. I was brought up and educated in Shantiniketan (Tagore's place) where I had studied Music along with other subjects. I have some musical recordings of Rabindra Sangeet and my performance was broadcasted on local TV channels in India. I visit my children in Fremont, CA and Santa Barbara, CA, and think this can be a great opportunity to spread my knowledge of music among young talents.

Name: Dipanwita Sengupta
E-Mail: dipa_sg@yahoo.com
Field: Dance - Kathak, Rabindra Nritya, Folk Dances
Address: San Jose CA
Telephone: 408-615-1761 // 408-480-2165
Misc. Info: Front-ranking disciple of Nritya Shiromoni Guru Bandana Sen. Offers classes in Kathak, Rabindra Nritya, Folk dances in Bay Area. All age groups are welcome.

Name: Geeta Seshadri
E-Mail: geetaseshadri@yahoo.com
Field: Carnatic Vocal and violin
Address: Fremont and Santa Clara
Telephone: 510-896-5043
Misc. Info:

Name: Aarti Shankar
E-Mail: violinaarti@gmail.com
Field: Carnatic violin and Carnatic vocal
Address: Santa Clara, California, USA
Telephone: 650 670 2574
Misc. Info: I am a performing Carnatic violinist with experience teaching and performing for fifteen years. I am a disciple of Padma Shankar, senior disciple of violin maestro Lalgudi Jayaraman. Have also learned under Lalgudi Jayaraman, his son Lalgudi GJR Krishnan and daughter Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi. I welcome students who display a dedication to the arts. I have taught workshops and given performances in major venues across India and North America.

Name: Kavya Shree
E-Mail: kavyashree79@gmail.com
Field: Indian Carnatic Classical Vocal
Address: Fremont, California, USA
Telephone: 508-475-9722
Misc. Info: Have been trained in Classical Vocal for 16 years. Have performed in India and the US. Offering music lessons on week days for $25 per session

Name: Sargam Shah
E-Mail: sargamsbhajans@gmail.com
Field: north India vocal, bhajan / kirtan, Harmonium
Address: El Cerrito, CA
Telephone: (510) 234-6543
Misc. Info: disciple of the late Pandit Pran Nath and Professor Mohini Mohan Patnaik, reasonable charge, devotional vocal and harmonium only

Name: Dr. Bindu S. Shankar, Ph.D.
E-Mail: bindu@vrindavanacademy.com
Field: Bharat Natyam
Address: San Ramon, CA 94583 (bay area)
Telephone: 925-875-1095
Misc. Info: I graduated in Bharata Natyam from Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai. As a member of the Kalakshetra troupe, I have performed all over India and at the Festival of India in the former Soviet Union. I was a recepient of a Govt. of Tamilnadu scholarship promoting budding artistes early in my dance pursuit. I am a doctorate in Art History from the Ohio State University, Columbus, where I my researched studied dance imagery in South Indian temples. I have given dance performances, workshops, demonstrations and contributed articles at universities, museums, and Indian art exhibitions in the USA. I have also organized and participated in India and International festivals in the USA. My students at Vrindavan Indian Dance Academy have participated in several events around the bay area. They recently won a dance competition at San Jose. I also teach Folk dances on a limited basis. Website - http://www.vrindavanacademy.com/

Name: Alpana Narayan Sharma
E-Mail: opal.kathak@gmail.com
Field: Kathak
Address: 1446 Poppy Hills Lane Tracy CA 95377
Telephone: 209-612-9881
Misc. Info: OPAL School of Kathak Dance offers Lucknow Gharana style Kathak dnace and its improvisation on contemporary numbers for all age groups in Tracy CA.

Name: Neetu Sharma
E-Mail: arts.shreya@gmail.com
Field: Indian Kathak and Folk Dances
Address: 1925 Esterel Way, Sacramento, CA - 95832
Telephone: 510-637-8159
Misc. Info: I am Sangeet Prabhakar in "Kathak Dance" from a reputed Academy in India. I have been an very active stage performer. I take classes only on weekends.

Name: Naina Shastri, Ushanjali School of Dance
E-Mail: ushanjali2008@gmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam
Address: San Ramon, California, USA
Telephone: 510-742-9303
Misc. Info: For information on me, my dance, my school and other details, please check out www.ushanjali.com

Name: Preetha Sheshadri
E-Mail: s_preets@hotmail.com
Field: Carnatic music - Vocal
Address: 4240 Albany Dr, #G106 : Sanjose, CA 95129
Telephone: (408) 260 - 9733
Misc. Info: disciple of Shri. Panchpakesha Iyer, Smt. T. R. Balamani and Smt. Radha Warrier (disciple of Shri. Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer). Used to teach at the San Jose State University, School of Music and Dance. Please call to discuss fees and class schedule.

Name: Pandit Vishwanath Shrikhande
E-Mail: vishwashri@yahoo.com
Field: Hindustani Vocal classical and light classical
Address: 3737, La Calle Court, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Telephone: (650)-856-6435
Misc. Info: learned under Ustad Amir Khan Saheb and Pt. Bholanath Bhatt. Served as Music producer in All India Radio, Principal-Mahatma Ghandhi Institute (Mauritius) and Jammu institute of Music (J & K), Director-U.P. Govt. Academy of music, dance and drama. Over 48 years experience in the field of Indian music

Name: Shriranjani School of Hindustani Classical Vocal
E-Mail: shriranjani.hcv@gmail.com
Field: Hindustani Classical vocal
Address: Milpitas/San Jose, CA
Misc. Info: http://www.shubhasree.com

Name: Harjeet Singh
E-Mail: Harj7@hotmail.com
Field: Bhangra
Address: Yuba City area
Telephone: 530-218-7614
Misc. Info: Experience - 16 yrs teaching, I have been teaching bhangra from last sixteen years in Yuba City area, I also taught about 4 yrs in bay area.

Name: Rajvinder Singh
E-Mail: rajvindermohi@gmail.com
Field: Tabla
Address: Milpitas, California, USA
Telephone: Mob - 510 565 6642
Misc. Info: rajvindertabla.com. He is a Tabla player belongs to Punjab Gharana. He can perform Tabla solo and accompany with all streams of Indian classical and light music. He got National award in India. Now He is Giving classes online and face to face.

Name: Singing School for Hindustani Classical Vocals at San Francisco
E-Mail: musicophoria@gmail.com
Field: Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal)-Classes offered Online and Offline
Address: San Francisco CA 94107
Telephone: 650-918-7171
Misc. Info: Priyanka is a proficient Hindustani Classical Vocalist trained in Khayal, Abhanga, Ghazals, Thumri, Bhakti Geet and Cinema Sangeet. She is also an expert player of the Harmonium, Keyboard, Guitar, Mouth Organ and Flute. Priyanka has been learning music since she was 6 and has participated in various music concerts at Pune, Mumbai, and Nashik. She has also performed German Folk Music at Munich, Germany. She was also invited to be a judge at Anahat, the prestigious South Asian A Cappella Competition hosted at UC Berkeley. She provides vocal lessons for Hindustani Classical both online and offline at Downtown San Francisco. http://www.priyankalalwani.com/music.html

Name: Swathi Sreenivasen
E-Mail: swa.dancer@gmail.com
Field: Bharatnatyam
Address: 1427 24th Avenue, San francisco, California, USA-94122
Telephone: +1 (415)745-8316
Misc. Info: Bharathanatyam Classes offered in San Bruno. Lessons include - Dance basics, exercises, footwork, hand gestures, expressions, theory, and Indian mythology.

Name: Swetha Srinivasan
E-Mail: swetha.s@AOL.com
Field: Indian Carnatic Vocal, slokas on Hindu Gods
Address: San Jose, CA, USA
Telephone: 4086347042
Misc. Info: Personalized Carnatic vocal music and all short, long mantras and slokas taught.

Name: Harini Sriram
E-Mail: harinisriram.music@gmail.com
Field: Bhajans and Devotional Music (Vocal)
Address: San Jose, CA, USA
Telephone: 408 627 1562
Misc. Info: Hi, I am Harini and I live in San Jose. I teach Meera bhajans, Annamacharya krithis, Purandaradasa krithis, Ramdas krithis etc. I'll be happy to teach people who are genuinely interested in learning these beautiful compositions. Also, as much as I believe that there's no age to learn music, I feel that kids below the age of 6 could wait until they turn 6 to totally concentrate and get serious. That said, you know your kids better! If you think your kid is really ready, I am more than happy! I conduct classes four days a week and charge $20 per hour.

Name: Shonali Srivastava
E-Mail: Shonalisrivastava@gmail.com
Field: Hindustani Classical Vocal, Light Music, Folk Music Kathak and Bollywood dance, Tabla, Dholak, Naal, Keyboard
Address: Shonali Srivastava : 5552 Shana St., Fremont, CA 94538
Telephone: (510) 440 1878
Misc. Info: Shonali Srivastava is an AIR/Doordarshan approved artist. She comes from a family of musicians. : She has won innumerable prestigious awards and accolades. She has performed extensively on stage, radio and doordarshan (Indian TV Channel). She has been teaching music for last 10 years.

Name: Jyotsna Sundaresan
E-Mail: jyotsna.sundaresan@gmail.com
Field: Carnatic Vocal
Address: Dublin, CA
Telephone: 646-265-4302
Misc. Info: Ms. Sundaresan has been learning music for over 25 years under the tutelage of her mother Smt. Geetha Sundaresan. She has performed in numerous concerts in India, Middle East, Australia, and USA. She has trained over 50 students (children and adults) in Jersey City for the past several years. Open to teaching students of any age, and any level. Please email or call for more information.

Name: Smt. Sindhu Surendra
E-Mail: sindhukuchipudidancer@gmail.com
Field: Kuchipudi
Address: Dublin / San Ramon, California
Telephone: (707) 317-7439
Misc. Info: Sindhu Surendra is one of the versatile Kuchipudi dancers of her generation today. Born in India, she began her dance training at the age of five & studied with eminent gurus like Vedhantham Seetharama Sastry, Vedantham Radheshyam & Bhagavathula Sethuram, Sindhu has performed at prestigious festivals & venues and has given over 800 performances all over India, South Africa, Malyasia, Bangkok, Singapore etc. facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kala-Nritya-Niketan/182130345156744

Name: Jaya Swaminathan
E-Mail: jaya.vidyasagar@gmail.com
Field: Hindustani Vocal / Bhajans - Devotional Music classes conducted for beginners as well.
Address: Cupertino, California
Telephone: 408-7927323
Misc. Info: Jaya Swaminathan is a trained professional and a performing artist having performed at various prestigious stages all over India. Having learnt both forms of classical music- Carnatic as well as Hindustani and with a vast experience of teaching students of varying age groups, she is into teaching Hindustani Classical Vocal / Bhajans/ Devotional Music for beginners as well . Online classes are offered as well . Contact for further details. Website : songofmyheart-prakriti.blogspot.com

Name: Premalatha TH
E-Mail: pth.srgm@yahoo.com
Field: vocal classical carnatic music and slokas and devaranamas
Address: 5270 case ave C402, Pleasanton CA 94566,USA
Telephone: (925) 426 0107
Misc. Info: with 30 years of experience in teaching carnatic music for all ages. Carnatic music is taught along with slokas, light music bhavageethe and devaranamas. newcomers welcome.

Name: Rajeev Taranath
E-Mail: rtaranath@yahoo.com
Field: Sarod
Address: 1814, Derby Street, Berkeley, CA 94703
Telephone: 510 548 2296
Misc. Info: www.xstudios.com/rajeevtaranath

Name: Satish Tare
E-Mail: satish_tare@yahoo.com
Field: Tabla
Address: 7844 Mcclellan Road Cupertino. CA 95014 USA
Telephone: 408-792-7014
Misc. Info: Engineer by profession.. Hobby of Playing Tabla. Initially started learning from My father Madhave Tare. Later on advance training of Farukhabad gharana from Shri Vivek Joshi and Pt. Arvind Mulgaomkar. Presently learning from Pt. Swapan Chaudhari at AACM. http://www.tablaniketan.com/

Name: Hemant Thakkar
E-Mail: ht128128@yahoo.com
Field: Bansuri
Address: 10685 Morengo Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014
Telephone: (408) 507 0587
Misc. Info: Gwaliar Gharana, gayaki style. Student of vocalist Dr. Laxmi Ganesh Tewariji for 20 years.

Name: Jyotsna Vaideeswaran
E-Mail: jyotsna.dance@hotmail.com
Field: Bharathanatyam and Kathak
Address: Cupertino, CA, USA
Telephone: 510-316-5122
Misc. Info: Jyotsna has been learning and performing this exquisite dance form of Bharatanatyam for over 20 years and has studied the art under senior Kalakshetra Guru Sri Aravindakshan. She has performed at numerous dance festivals across US, Canada and India. Jyotsna is offering dance classes in the San Francisco Bay Area at all levels. Her classes include theory lessons and yoga which are all important components of learning dance. Please email (preferred) or call for class timings.

Name: Nupur Verma
E-Mail: nupurv@hotmail.com
Field: Kathak
Address: Rohnert Park, CA
Telephone: 707-332-8898
Misc. Info: Offering classes in traditional dance form Kathak in the Lucknow gharana. Evening and weekend classes available. All ages welcome.

Name: Jeff Whittier
E-Mail: Bansijeff@aol.com
Field: Bansuri
Address: 2645 Miller Ave, Mountain View CA 94040
Telephone: (650) 493 2187 (TEL)
Misc. Info: Jeff Whittier began his formal study of North Indian classical flute in 1971 at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California with G.S. Sachdev. He is an exponent of the Indian classical tradition called "Gayaki Ang" or the style of playing based on Hindustani vocal music. As well as being a performer of the bansuri, or bamboo flute, he is also a master craftsman of the instrument. In a 45-year career of flute-making he has provided flutes to some of the most famous musicians of India, including G. S. Sachdev, Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao, and Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia. His flutes are also used in the Broadway shows "The Lion King," "The Flower Drum Song," "Miss Saigon," "The King and I", "Bombay Dreams" and "Aida." In 1990 he was chosen to participate in the outreach program of the San Francisco Symphony to give lecture-demos and assembly programs of Indian music to 4th-graders in the S.F. public schools. He offers classes and private lessons in North Indian flute in Mountain View.

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