All modifications have to be done manually by me. If you wish to change, delete, or add information, you will need to send it to me. But remember, there are thousands of artists scattered over several hundred pages. I must be able to find your listing before I can affect any changes.

Therefore please send me an email with the following information:

  1. Paste a copy of your current listing.
  2. Paste a copy of the listing as you would like it to be (i.e., add all the corrections)

In the case of a deletion, kindly let me know if it is your own listing. If it is not your own listing, then a few words would be appreciated as to what the situation is. (e.g., the artist is dead, the contact information is incorrect, etc.)

I will generally get the corrections made within a day or so.

E-mail the corrections to me (David Courtney), at david@chandrakantha.com



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