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Khempta, also referred to as kemp, kempta, kemptal, or khemptal, is an extremely common 6 beat tal.  It is debatable whether this is really a separate tal or merely a prakar of dadra.  It is probably better to NOT consider this to be a separate tal, yet this prakar is so common that it deserves special consideration.

The structure of khempta is indistinguishable from dadra tal.  It is composed of two vibhags of three matras each.  The first vibhag is clapped while the second vibhag is designated by a wave of the hand.  Although the structure is indistinguishable from dadra, the theka is different.

The characteristics of kempta are shown below:

Clapping/ Waving Arrangement

clap, 2, 3, wave, 2, 3

Number of Beats



Theka for Kempta

Popular Songs

Film Songs in Dadra / Khempta



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